Getting Kids Excited about Math Homework

Getting Kids Excited about Math Homework

homework game incentiveMy kids are pretty solid students.  The two in school (4th & 2nd grades) are slightly above where they need to be for their grade level.

Ok, that’s parental humility – in truth, they are doing very well in school and are well above average academic levels for their grade levels.  They don’t need any remedial help or extra work,  or even parental prodding to get them up to speed.

I’m not quite sure how we lucked out, but it certainly wasn’t because I was a Tiger mom and pushing them to study, do hours of homework, or even really do anything outside of school.

While you’d think this is a good thing, the flip side is that my kids aren’t very motivated to do homework.   They don’t really need to… so they don’t.

While I understand that pushing them simply to complete busy work isn’t the way to go, I also want them to develop a good work ethic and also learn to push themselves.  To challenge themselves.

When I was offered the opportunity to review DimensionU, I was pretty excited to see if combining grade work with gaming and incentives would be a solution for my family.

dimension u games
Dimension U Games

I’m sure you can guess their reaction…

My daughter loved the idea that playing games counted as math AND she could earn allowance and incentives by doing it was the icing on the cake.  My son saw how much fun she was having and was bummed he is a year too young to participate.  He’s 2nd grade and the program is geared for 3rd through 8th graders.    

The words “That’s not fair she gets to do homework.” may have actually crossed his lips.

The huge incentive (the one that upset my son the most) is DimensionU has an option where I can set up weekly allowance incentives.  This automatically earns your child points a variety of ways:

  • completely a daily task
  • completing a series of tasks for the week
  • completing levels

She would beg me to let her stay up late so she could get her DimensionU tasks complete!  It certainly makes like easy for me when my kids are begging to do their work.

Of course I loved the program.  Anything that gets my kids feeling like being able to do homework is a privilege?  Sign me up!  And it’s not just all games, here are the types of math problems the student can select to do:

Types of math problems (3rd grade).

My kids are hooked and I think I’m going to have to fudge my son’s age and say he’s in 3rd grade so he can participate too.  My daughter is just having too much fun with it.  And I’ll support this type of gaming over shooting zombies or dressing digital pets any day!  

What is your biggest homework struggle?  Do you think something like DimensionU would help? 

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for DimensionU. I received a free trial of DimensionU to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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