5 Time Saving Cleaning Tips + A Chance at $5,000!

5 Time Saving Cleaning Tips + A Chance at $5,000!


This post is sponsored by Pine-Sol® Clean & Disinfect with Pine-Sol®: The Powerful Scent of Clean.” I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all my own.

Although I’d love to sit here with a straight face and tell you that I am the Queen of Clean, I can’t even type the words without laughing.   Trust me, no need to worry that I’ll be competition for the $5,000 Pine-Sol® is giving away.

Ooh, did the $5,000 get your attention?  It surely got mine!

Deep Clean Diva

Pine-Sol® is looking to crown a “Deep Clean Diva”.  What is a Deep Clean Diva you may ask?

…someone who takes deep-clean to a whole new level.

And Pine-Sol® is offering $5,000 to the winner!

Of course I entered the sweepstakes, because who doesn’t want $5,000?  But I am pretty sure that some of you have better deep cleaning tricks up your sleeve than I do.

tiara crown
Will You be Crowned the Deep Clean Diva?

My Top 5 Cleaning Tips

I am not fanatical about keeping our house clean.

People are allowed to wear shoes inside.  I let my kids and dogs go in and out and back in again (repeat 20 or 30 times a day).  And with three kids under 10, 2 dogs, a cat and a husband?

Yes, things are spilled at least a hundred couple times a day.

Would I like my home to be spotless?  Yes.

But with working full time, building this blog, volunteering in my kids’ classes and with local charities, working out, girlfriend time, kids’ sports, date night (what’s date night again?), and all the other demands on my time – cleaning gets a fairly limited allotment.  Therefore, every minute has to count.

Although I’m not going to win any awards for cleanest house, I do try to keep things picked up, spills wiped up, mud mopped up, kitchen sanitized, and bathrooms de-peed dried (I have boys remember?).

Here are 5 tips that help me keep the cleaning chaos under control with limited time:

1) Pick Up

My first cleaning step is picking up all the random items that get scattered around the house.  But if I put each item where it belongs as I encounter them, I’m out of energy and time before I even get done with one room.

Solution:  Bring a basket with you and put all out of place items into it, then sort them and put them away in one trip rather than many.

Save time by putting things away all at once.

2)  Forget the Bucket

I used to fill a bucket and carry it around when mopping.  But trying to angle it just right to fill it up under the faucet, spilling the water when I filled it, when I dumped it, when I moved it, plus having to clean and put the bucket away…well, it became a hassle.

Solution:  Use your sink instead of a bucket.

3)  Involve the Family

The whole family helped make the mess, the whole family can help clean the mess.  No, you don’t want to ask your 3 year old to bleach the shower, but your 3 year old can help vacuum or put socks on their hands and help you dust.  Kids get a sense of pride from helping and the time you need gets cut in half.

Tip – put on some up beat music and challenge your kids to see who can do xyz faster, better or whatnot  – make it fun.

4)  Set a Timer

If you dedicate a whole day to cleaning your house, I guarantee you’ll be able to fill every minute.  But then next weekend comes and you may not evey want to start cleaning because you’re afraid that means your entire Saturday or Sunday is done.  But you don’t have to get it all – top to bottom – done in one sitting.

Solution – Set a timer for one hour or two hours.  Decide what you must get done plus identify one or two other things you’d like to get done if you have extra time.  Get started.  You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish when you stay focused.

5)  Make 5 Minutes Count

We all have 5 minute here and there that go to waste.  Maybe it’s the 7 minutes it takes the pasta to cook after you put it in for dinner.  Maybe it’s the 10 minute phone call you make to check on your sister or your mom.  If you use that time to multitask you’ll be amazed how much you shave off of your cleaning to-do list throughout the week.

Tip – Make a list of things you can do in 5 minute increments and post on the fridge.  For example – wipe down the light switches, doorknobs, or fridge door.  Go through the fridge and throw out food.  Dust picture frames and window sills.  Wipe down the table.  Clean glass – mirrors, sliding glass doors etc.

What are your top 5 cleaning tips?

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