How to be a Mystery Shopper

Have you ever been a secret shopper?

It is actually kinda fun… if you ever had James Bond (ish) fantasies and a desire to earn extra cash….

This photo is of three checks I recently earned by performing *secret shops*.  The type might be hard to see, but they were for:

  • McDonald’s ($10 +$13 food reimbursement)
  • Party City ($7 + $5 purchase reimbursement)
  • Safeway ($18)

We aren’t talking a LOT of money, but as the title implies, this is Mad $$.  My definition of Mad $$ is that it’s spendable on frivilous items…  it will buy me a Starbucks or a cute shirt. :)  Wants, not needs.

A side benefit that I never imagined before doing this, is that it holds me accountable to go on date nights with my husband.  We have been secret shopper guests at two local restaurants.  It is fun AND forces us to go out.  Until I discovered this motivational tactic, we often would look at each other at the end of the day and say “How about we go to dinner next week?  I’m tired tonight.” 

No can do when you have obligated yourself to perform a shop! 

The money for those dinners just about covers the cost of dinner -one paid $65, but we ended up spending $90 – so $25 out of pocket.  The other was for $25 and we ended up spending $40 – $15 out of pocket.  Regardless we went on TWO dates (more than the entire 6 months prior!) and had part of it paid for!  Plus, none of that “Where do you want to go?  I don’t know.  Where do you?”

Benefits to doing this:

  • Extra money
  • You choose the shops you want to do – so only sign up when you have time or interest
  • Independent
  • Fun
  • Holds you accountable for socializing

You will need to upload receipts and fill out an evaluation form within 24 hours of completing the shop -so access to a computer, scanner, and internet is important.

There are a lot of scams out there, so if you are curious about legit mystery shopping organizations, please contact me and I’ll let you know which ones I use and which types of shops are easy $ and which aren’t worth it.

Have you ever been a mystery shopper?  If so, share you favorite shops!

2 Responses to How to be a Mystery Shopper

  1. Hi Mim… sounds like you’ve had so success with mystery shopping. I’ve looked into it and am having trouble figuring out what’s legit and what’s a scam. I’m losing interest, yet I’d still like to do it. Can you let me know where to look? Thanks. Also, Aldi isn’t in CO. but do you have a discount grocer? They carry their own brands. Much cheaper. Some of that stuff is awful but most of the stuff, no one can tell when I remove the labels. Thanks! B (FYI, I think you’re the only one who reads my stuff. Ha! Thanks!)

    • I should write a follow up… I looked at and they list legitimate organizations. I chose 3 at random and signed up. Marketforce, Goodwin and Sassieshops? I think…. Not tons of $, but it is something and pretty fun since you can pick and choose what and when you want to do it.

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