Get Rid of Spring Allergies Naturally  #sponsored

Get Rid of Spring Allergies Naturally #sponsored

Every year about this time I get anxious for Spring to start showing itself.   I wander through my yard like Sherlock Holmes searching for clues that Winter is on its way out and things will start to get green again.

Finally I see the first glimmers of color and start smiling in anticipation of flowers and leaves on the trees.    My sleuthing skills uncovered these signs of Spring earlier today:

tree buds spring allergies
Our Apple Tree is Starting to Bud
flowers allergies spring purple
First Flowers of Spring

Seeing the flowers starting to bloom and the trees starting to bud always lifts my spirits.

Spring is just such a happy time of year, a time of new possibilities.


But, the downside of all this Spring blooming is the allergies that come with it.   My eyes itch, my sinuses react, and I walk around rubbing my eyes and sniffing all day.

Spring Allergies

My poor son has apparently inherited my allergies as he started complaining this week of itchy eyes. Plus his friends keep finding his hiding spots during Hide-n-Seek due to his perpetual sniffle.


When I was given the opportunity to review the SinuSense Pulsator by WaterPik this past week I was curious to learn more about sinus rinsing as an alternative to medication.

I try to avoid medication unless absolutely necessary.  I just don’t want any more chemicals in my body than necessary.  Ya know?

The benefits of sinus rinsing were intriguing and include:

  • Reduce symptoms of allergies and colds
  • Clear nose and sinuses of mucus, allergens and debris
  • Soothes dry noses (an issue in Colorado)
  • Reduces coughing from post nasal drip
  • Does not have side effects like medications do
allergies sinusense
SinuSense by Waterpik

I must admit that I was skeptical about forcing water up my nose  rinsing my sinuses.  But I sucked it up, or rather sniffed it up I suppose, and gave it a try.

The sinus rinsing itself only takes 20 seconds and the nostril piece is very comfortable.  I really liked the aroma (it’s faint) from the SinuSense packets that you mix with water.  The packets have some eucalyptus and aloe in them and the mix just smells clean.

The first time I tried the sinus rinsing I had a moment of panic.  It almost felt like I was drowning.  But once I  remembered to breathe through my mouth that sensation went away.

The water goes in one nostril and comes out the other – cleaning your entire sinus.  AND your husband and children will find watching the process fascinating.   This is highly entertaining for your family – OK, maybe it’s just mine.


Colorado is a very arid climate which causes my nose to be dry and cakey when I first wake up in the morning.  

After using the SinuSense my nose feels much better.  I also feel like I can breathe really deeply after using it – like my lungs are able to expand to their fullest.  

As for those allergies?  I don’t sniffle for at least an hour after using the SinuSense.  I’ve only used it for a few days, so I haven’t been able to see how it works when I have a cold or am more congested.  I’m really curious to see if it will get rid of a sinus headache for me!  

Have you ever tried sinus rinsing?  What did you think?

If you are thinking of buying a SinuSense pulsator – it is on sale at Walmart right now for $19.97 plus there is a $5 off coupon you can print from the Waterpik coupons page, making it only $14.97.    

*You can find more information about sinus rinsing and SinuSense on  Twitter Facebook , or YouTube

**Disclosure – This post was sponsored by SinuSense and Gigcoin.  All thoughts are 100% mine.

5 Responses to Get Rid of Spring Allergies Naturally #sponsored

  1. I’m the one in my house with most of the allergies. I have a couple that require an EpiPen and some minor, mostly irritating ones. My husband is allergic to our two cats. My daughter wins out; she appears to have no allergies. It pretty much makes the last 18 months of nursing worth it.

  2. Hi Susan, its really not that expensive right now with that high dollar coupon & the sale. If allergies are bothering you, then i would try the sinus rinsing & see if it helps…

    Sam, totally get the benefits of breastfeeding! I fed mine for a year each too & for the most part they seem to not have any allergies other than my sons pollen sniffles. It would scare me to have severe enough allergies to need an woo pen, for the kids anyway. Don’t know if I’d ever let them eat at a friends house!

    Thank you both for commenting!

  3. I used a Netti-pot for years, it’s a great way to keep your sinuses clear of allergens and bacteria, etc. Just make sure not to rinse your sinuses when your ears are blocked, I had a REALLY bad experience with that!

    • I hadn’t really heard of neti pots or sinus rinsing until this post, but now that I’ve tried it I’m hearing from a bunch of people how great it’s been for them – especially if you have sinus infections frequently.

      I think I will continue using mine for sure – so really appreciate the tip about the blocked ears! Thanks Sarah.

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