Make Dinner Easy, Fast, Taste Good AND Save Money!  #giveaway #mealplanning

Make Dinner Easy, Fast, Taste Good AND Save Money! #giveaway #mealplanning

With all the demands on our time, I know that dinner doesn’t get onto the table every night.  It’s worse for us now that Spring sports season is in full swing.   We have soccer or baseball practice every night of the week during prime dinner making time.

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Organized Cook Sangria

On busy nights like these, if I don’t have a plan for dinner, I invariably turn to fast food or frozen pizza.  But those choices can be difficult on the budget and on the waistline.

Even if I don’t resort to frozen food or a drive through, I get bored with my cooking.  Yes, I love my orzo and caprese, but after 3 times in one week even my favorites start to lose their appeal.

Dinner Solution

meal plan

For all the above reasons I was thrilled to get a year’s subscription to The Organized Cook.
The meal plans she provides are fabulous! They taste good, are fairly easy to make, and she gives you a complete grocery list so you know exactly what to buy (thereby saving tons of $$).

I get so excited to receive my email each week!  It’s like getting a new gift each week, but one for your palate (and my sanity).

And I get to give a year’s subscription to this fabulous service to FIVE of you!  I’m thrilled with The Organized Cook’s generosity and can’t wait to see what you think after you start using the meal plans.

Check out the fabulous pictures of their recipes on Pinterest.

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  1. I like the picky eater menu for a plan and the recipe that caught my eye is the Italian Baked Chicken and Penne.

  2. I am a great cook and meal planner (according to our combined dietary needs) but can always stand for room for improvement, who can’t? I love her organization and her recipes … love, love love!

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