Is My HTC Smartphone Smarter than Me?

Every day once in awhile I have a dumb blonde moment.  And I”m not even blonde.  The current catch phrase bandied about our office is an *ah ha* moment, but this one?  Pretty dumb. 

Did you know your charger can actually hook your HTC Incredible phone straight to your computer?  I didn’t. 

E-mailing my phone photos to myself so that I can save them is time consuming.  You can only send so many at once, there is the e-mail delay factor, etc.  I have been increasingly frustrated with this and was wanting a way to just download my photos directly to my computer.   A colleague mentioned that he has a cord that hooks his phone directly to a USB port.  Halleluah!  Just what I wanted.  So off to Ebay I went (after passing thru Upromise first to get my 2% back). 

I bought one on ebay for $1.99!  Steal!  Right? 

Uh, yeah…. guess what – I already HAVE a cord that does that!  It  is called my charger.  It is 2 pieces.  One is a cord from the phone to a USB port connection.  The second is a converter with a USB port and an electrical plug.   Duh!  Just take the damn thing apart and use the cord!

So, in case any of you have had this same dumb blonde moment… I’m sure you are much smarter than I…. I thought I’d share my findings.  And maybe a good laugh too.

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    • Yep! We have a box of cords. No idea what they are for, but God forbid we actually threw them away? Of course, THEN we’d find out pretty quickly what they go to! :)

    • Thank you for checking out my blog, btw! Plus leaving a comment….as you can tell, I am new and every comment is always a surprise. Hopefully it stays that way. :)

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