I Completed My First 5K Race! #NSnation

I Completed My First 5K Race! #NSnation

My daughter and I ran our first 5K race today.

As you know, I’ve been trying to lose weight and  get more fit for a while now.  I’ve been thrilled with how the Couch to 5K runing program has helped me step my way up to better fitness and more stamina.

But, since I started working full time again, it’s been hard for me to find the motivation to run or the time.  My preferred exercise time – the time I am naturally motivated to run – is around 10 a.m.  For some reason that doesn’t fit with my job very well.  :)

My point is that I have really slacked off the past few months and was not as prepared for the 5K as I had hoped.  However, I am very proud of myself for sticking with it and following through with the 5K race.

I picked the Frank Shorter Race for Kids’ Health as my motivational goal race for a couple of reasons:

  • It was in April, the date I set for myself.
  • It was close to my house.
  • The entry fee was affordable.
  • There were tons of vendors, a.k.a., free stuff!

And although the weather forecast called for chilly temps, strong winds and snow, I was going to race anyway darn it!  Here’s my daughter and I this morning right before we left for the race.  Please excuse the camera girl – my 4 yo volunteered.  :-)

So, my realistic goal was to finish the race in under 45 minutes.  How did I do?

45.06 minutes


A mere 26 minutes slower than the first place female and #588 overall.

My daughter did end up beating me.  She finished in 45.04 minutes.  :-)

My ultimate goal is to complete a 5K without walking at all and under 35 minutes, but I’ll take this time for my first one.

5K Race

The race felt much longer than 3.1 miles does on my treadmill and having the grade changes – the uphill portions anyway – was difficult.  But there were a ton of families choosing to walk it and there were other women in my approximate fitness level that I kept pace with along the way.

The race was motivational.  Not the least because the legs on the women that really run all the time are phenomenal!  I really, really, really want legs like that.

We also got a ton of free stuff from the vendors – all nutritious since the focus was kids’ health.  Plus it was fun to see ourselves on the jumbotron when we crossed the finish line.

The Egg and I donated breakfast burritos to the racers (which were scrumptious), Sunflower Market handed out fruit and veggies, HoneyMilk / Core Power protein drinks gave us samples of their shakes – which were SO good!, and so many other great sponsors.

My favorite though came from the Western Dairy Association who cooked us quesadillas with Nutella, bananas and cream cheese and also watermelon, basil, brie skewers.  SO yummy.

OOH – I almost forgot.  The Weigh and Win people were there and I was able to do my second weigh in without traveling 30 minutes away.  I’ve lost 7lbs since last weigh in.  Woohoo!  I am SO close to getting my first $15.


I am going to be scouting for another race to participate in – probably July (ish) and also relying on the Empty the Trunk Facebook group and weight loss motivation pinterest boards to keep me motivated and on track.

Do you have a fitness goal? 

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement and all the support along the way Kris! I really appreciate the advice and everything that you’ve given me this past year.

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