Met My Weight Loss Goal & A New Challenge for YOU ~ #NSnation

Met My Weight Loss Goal & A New Challenge for YOU ~ #NSnation

running 5K shoes
My Ever Faithful Sneaks

My weight loss weigh in for 4/8 to 4/22.

I finished my first ever 5K last week and I told myself I’d get a new pair of sneakers as a reward.  So I had a brief goodbye ceremony for my loyal kicks.  They’ve seen me through a lot of huffing and puffing training.

They also helped me make a mess on the garage floor refinish my daughter’s dresser and did not come away unscathed – a few stain splatters serve as a reminder of our hard work.

But the part I’m most proud of?  The worn heels.

And although I gained a couple of pounds last week, I was very good this week and followed the Nutrisystem system almost to a tee.  The results?

I lost 4.8 pounds!

Granted I didn’t record my 2 pound weight gain, so the numbers I’m reporting today don’t show the extra 2 pounds that sticking to the plan actually helped me lose.  But I wanted to make sure you knew, so excited!

Weight Loss Results

  • Lost 2.8 pounds.
  • Total weight loss to date – 11.8 pounds.
  • First goal 10 pounds.  MET!!

I met my first goal!  Woohoo!  I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement and since I already allowed myself new shoes for completing the 5K, my reward for meeting my first goal was a few Appletini drinks last night.

crystal lite appletini

My new boss turned me on to these.  They are Crystal Light packages with Vodka.  The Crystal Light has no calories and vodka is pretty light too, so a great option if trying to cut down on calories.  They tasted just like Apple Jolly Ranchers.  Can you say YUM!?!?

NOT sponsored : I was not rewarded in any way for mentioning these mixes, well, I enjoyed how tasty they were so I suppose that is a reward.  :)

Although tasty, a large part of my success losing weight lately has been my avoidance of alcohol.  So, while I enjoyed sipping my foo foo drink on the porch last night, I’ll not be enjoying any more until I reach my next goal.

Goal #2 – Lose 15 Pounds.

Week’s Weight Loss Goals

My goals for this week include:

  • run 3 times,
  • drink 64oz of water every day, and
  • drink no alcohol.

10 Week Challenge

Within the next few weeks, I am going to start a 10 week weight loss/fitness challenge on this blog.  Each week those that meet their goals (self chosen and self reported) will be entered in the drawing for the week’s prize.  The intent is to add incentive and accountability to help us keep each other motivated and on track.  Please leave a comment if you’d like to participate.  Oh, and it is FREE to join.

I am also going to be scouting for another race to participate in – probably July (ish) and also relying on the Empty the Trunk Facebook group and weight loss motivation pinterest boards to keep me motivated and on track.

What is your next goal? 

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**Disclosure:  Nutrisystem is providing 4 months of their program at no charge in exchange for my review.  Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling                          1-888-853-4689               or by visiting Nutrisystem.


6 Responses to Met My Weight Loss Goal & A New Challenge for YOU ~ #NSnation

  1. CONGRATS and HURRAY for you. I sure wish I could be like you. I’m told to lose weight more of an ultimatum, and then my stenosis flares up and I’m back to the walker and not moving much & waiting for my shots (May 11) so I can start walking again. I have to get as much exercise as I can during a month and a half and then wait for my next shots. I watch what I eat, but that’s not a big help either. Can’t afford Nutri System, but I’m so happy for you. You go girl. I’ll be back to see your progress. woo hoo

    • Thanks so much! I am very lucky that I don’t have health issues impacting my ability to exercise (just motivational ones). I really hope the shot works for you and helps you to start feeling better!

  2. Flad that you are moving in the right direction for your health. In sure the appletini was good for your mental health too. Cheers to you.

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