LEGO Kidsfest Was a HIT!

LEGO Kidsfest Was a HIT!

On Sunday, I took my son (8), two of his friends (also both 8), and my 4 year old daughter to Lego Kidsfest in Denver.   Although I knew my son loves Lego blocks, I was a little skeptical that he’d be interested in putting them together for 4.5 hours straight.

I definitely didn’t think I’d last the entire 4 hour session, that my son’s friends would be interested that long, or that my 4 year old would keep up with the big boys.

But, boy was I wrong!

Everyone had such a great time, and the boys were beside themselves with excitement.

Lego Kidsfest Highlights

The Lego statues were AMAZING!

(For the privacy of my son’s friends, I’m only sharing pictures without their faces.)

The full cast of Star Wars was featured, including my favorites, R2D2 and C3PO.

There were photo opps Legos:

lego kidsfest

Which my daughter wanted to be part of too, even if she didn’t quite reach.  :)

lego kidsfest

There were places you could build your own cars and then race them.

lego kidsfest

Any design you wanted to create, was just fine.

lego kidsfest

Lego art station with tiny Legos on a 6″ x 6″ square.  I may have been really into this one…

lego kidsfest

Someone, ahem, may have attempted to create a UF Gator.  From a distance it doesn’t look too bad!

UF Legos Gator

We found “girl” Legos – very cool princess ones with castle pieces and carriages.

lego kidsfest

One of my favorite activities was being able to create a skyscraper and having it added to the Creation Nation (the US made up of Legos).

lego kidsfest

The kids’ overwhelming favorite though?

There was a huge pile of Legos.  Enough so they could bury each other in them like at the beach!


The day went by really quickly and the excitement of the boys definitely showed that it was time well spent.  If you have a Lego fan in your house, or are one yourself, this is definitely a great way to spend a few hours.


  • Food:  The burger and chicken nuggets were pretty good and only about $4 each if you didn’t buy the meal.  We brought drinks and snacks with us in a backpack to keep costs down and that worked out really well.  No issues bringing the backpack into the event at all.
  • Security:  There were tons of errant parents.  How do I know?  The almost constant announcement of another parent wandering off, would they please meet their child at the Lost Parent Booth.  Those darn parents can escape if you turn your back for just one second!  I highly recommend making a plan with your children before you enter about what to do if you get separated.
  • The Lego store section is almost a must.  Yes, you could say no to your child, but it will make for some long faces.  There are tons of items for under $10 that are pretty cool.  Great opportunity to encourage your kids to use their allowance or save up for the event.

Disclosure:  I was the coolest mom EVER thanks to US Family Guide and Lego Kidsfest.  Thank you for the tickets they provided  to facilitate my review.  No other compensation was provided, all content is my own.  

4 Responses to LEGO Kidsfest Was a HIT!

    • I don’t know that I’d want to go every week, but for an occasional activity it was much more entertaining than I anticipated.

    • It was difficult for me to let the kids run wild through the large pile for sure. Not quite sure what I was worried about, but just seemed “wrong” ya know? :)

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