Help a Poverty Stricken Mom this Mother’s Day –

Help a Poverty Stricken Mom this Mother’s Day –


As a woman in America, I often remind myself how fortunate I am to have been born in this country.  But the rights and resources I have available to me are not available to many women in other places in the world.


I know I can’t change the culture of other nations or help those that don’t want to be helped.  But I can make a difference for one mom and her kids, which will hopefully give those children a better foundation and start momentum for positive change.

My favorite charity for helping moms is

Actually, I hesitate to even say it’s a charity, because the premise is to give a hand up, not a hand out.  People apply for a loan to help build a business and then repay those loans.  Kiva helps them empower themselves.  

Moms Helping Moms

Most of the readers of this blog are women, and many of them are moms.  I am hoping that together we might make a small difference in the lives of other moms that are struggling to make a better life for themselves and for their children.   I’ve created a lending team and I’m hoping you all will consider joining it (it’s free).

My most recent loan was to the woman pictured here.  Her name is Jhohana Pacheco.  She is 31 and is raising her children by herself in Ecuador after they were abandoned by her husband.  Jhohana asked for a loan to help her buy cosmetic inventory to sell at a profit and start a business to feed and support her children.

This is the 8th loan I’ve made.  The others include a group and these individuals:

I’d love it if you’d consider joining the Moms Helping Moms lending team so that we can see the difference we can make collectively.  This in no way benefits me personally, nor was this post compensated or sponsored in any way.  It is simply something I am personally passionate about.

If Kiva doesn’t speak to you, then I encourage you to find another way to help a mom out this Mother’s Day.

What are you most grateful for this Mother’s Day? 

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  1. What a wonderful organization and thing to do, Daria. I love the hand up philosophy too. Having been a single parent for seven years, I understand the challenges.

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