Join the Meet Our Goals Challenge!  Results for Week 2…

Join the Meet Our Goals Challenge! Results for Week 2…

meet my goals challenge

Welcome to Week 3 of the free  Meet My Goals Challenge!  You can join in at any time, so please don’t hesitate to add your goals for this week in the comments.  If you’re just now joining us, catch up with these posts:


Week 2 Report

Last week my goals were to:

  • Exercise 3 times.
  • Lose 1lb.

And I met them!

I jogged on Tues and Thurs (Week 3 of Couch to 5K Running Program) and then this morning I scrubbed my house.   Not regular ole house cleaning, but taking the rugs out and scrubbing them with a hard bristle brush on my hands and knees – pull the fridge and stove out to clean behind them – work up a sweat house cleaning.

And I lost 2 pounds!

  • Last Week’s Weight – 215.0
  • Week 2 Results – minus 2.0
  • Current Weight – 213.0
  • Total Loss – 10.0 lbs

How did you do?  Please leave a comment saying if you met your goals Yes/No for entry into the weekly drawing.  

Comments will be open until Wednesday.  

My Week 3 Goals

I have found I get better results when I identify what I should do rather than focusing on what I shouldn’t do.   So this week my goals are to:

  • Exercise 3 times.
  • Follow Nutrisystem plan minimum of 4 days.

What are your goals?

Please leave a comment letting us know what you are committing to this week.  Think small and attainable to start off.

Weekly Prizes

I want to clarify that you do not need to share your weight in order to win prizes.  Each week you get to pick your goal and if one is a weight loss one, just let us know how much you lost (no need to share starting and ending weight).  At the end of the 10 week period, the person that lost the most pounds (as self reported) will win a prize as will the person that exercised the most minutes.

The following have graciously offered to add a little more incentive by sponsoring this challenge with some small prizes:

Please consider following each of these brands via facebook or twitter as thanks for their generosity.


Week 1

Congratulations to the participants that met their goals!

The Week 1 winner is Susan!  She will receive some samples of  Neuro Drink to try out.

Week 2’s winner will receive a month’s supply of  Popchips – so please make sure to leave a comment and let us know if you met your goals last week!

Please also tell us what your Week 3 goals are – the winner of Week 3 is going to win a $10 gift certificate to Plum District!

Can’t wait to see how you do!

Please feel free to add the button to your blog sidebar or to any posts that mention this challenge.  The more participants, the more fun we’ll have, so please encourage your friends to participate too.

PLEASE leave a comment on this post and I will add you to a Challenge email list to get weekly reminders to check in.  I promise I will only use this list for the Challenge reminders.

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**Disclosure:  Nutrisystem is providing 4 months of their program at no charge in exchange for my review.  Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling                          1-888-853-4689               or by visiting Nutrisystem.

12 Responses to Join the Meet Our Goals Challenge! Results for Week 2…

  1. I walked the 4 times I thought I would, but didn’t get the bike in. Instead I sawed a bunch of bramble from the shrubs in my back yard. Now THAT was a workout. I definitely drank more water, I love the bubbly water in cans and I stopped the Dew (again) on Friday. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning and let y’all know. I feel pretty good about my week. :)

  2. I had a really good week, too. I met my goals – exercised every day except Saturday (errand day), drank lots of water, and stayed far away from the coffee shop muffins. AND I lost 2 lbs. Yay!!

  3. Oh, forgot to post my goals for next week. I’m going to stick with the same 3…
    1. Exercise 6X
    2. Drink more water
    3. No coffee shop muffins (or their other calorie-laden goodies)

  4. I met my goals for last week, just barely. I only ran exactly 16 miles, but I was able to drink my green drink everyday and I added 3 extra exercises in. I only lost 0.6 lb, but it’s a loss.
    My goals for this week are
    1. another exercise 3x a week other than running
    2. take my vitamins everyday (I’ve gotten very bad at that)
    3. decrease my alcohol intake. I’d like to decrease it to no more than 1 glass 3x a week.

  5. First goal weight reached! 150! Wa-Hoooo!
    Goals for this week:
    Keep up with the foods I’ve been eating (and not eating! lol)
    Exercise 3 times this week.
    No Dew.
    Drink water.

  6. Week 3 goals will still be to keep up with exercising 3x and also to make sure I drink 8 glasses of water. (Have really gotten off track with that)

    Have a great week everyone!!!!

  7. WOW! Looks like everyone did good last week. I exceeded my exercise goal and walked at least 2 miles four days (16 miles total for the week, I love my new pedometer). By my eating goal needs some work, I did get within 50 calories six days last week, and completely blew my goal yesterday I doubt I even ate 1000 calories. But I lost 2 pounds WOOHOO!! so I must be getting a lot better with the eating enough! I walked a total of 439 minutes (again love my pedometer lol)

    Keeping the same basic goals:

    1. need to eat at least 2150 calories but not more than 2700.

    2. walk 2 miles 3 days of the week.

  8. I did exercise three times this last week, but I only ran twice, so I didn’t make my goals. I feel good for getting my exercise in while on vacation.

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