FREE Summer Meals for Hungry Children

FREE Summer Meals for Hungry Children

I am very grateful that my kids have never known hunger.  Don’t get me wrong, they may feel hungry for ice cream rather than salad, but they have never had to worry about whether they will eat today or won’t eat today.  Unfortunately that is not the case for many Americans including the families right here in Colorado.  Can you believe that 24% of families with children struggled to provide food to their kids in 2010?  24%! 

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If you are one of these families, or know a child that could benefit from a free meal this summer – please share the following information with them.

For many kids, summertime means two things: fun and friends. But when school’s out, that also means that families can’t count on their kids eating meals at school, and already tight family food budgets have to be stretched even further. Parents also know that growing kids have big appetites.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers free summer meals to kids across Colorado similar to School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, except meals are free to all kids that come to a registered summer meals site.

Summer Meals Programs Details:

  • Meals are FREE to children and teens ages 18 and younger who come to a summer meals sites
  • Free summer meals will help families save money and stretch their already tight food budgets
  • Food served at summer meal sites follows USDA nutrition guidelines and are paid for by the USDA
  • Summer meals sites are at safe places for kids to go such as schools, churches, community centers and other places that are safe for kids and teens to go to
  • May sites offer educational and recreational activities that kids of all ages can participate in so they can eat, hang out with friends and take part in activities offered
  • Parents don’t need to apply to the program to get a free summer meal for their kids. They can simply bring their child to a summer meals site in their community and their kids can enjoy it without the hassle of having to fill out an application.
  • For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit

Find a Summer Meals Site Near You:

  • Visit this interactive map at
  • Call 855-855-4626 to find a site near you. Both English and Spanish speaking operators are available to assist you.
  • Text “FOOD” to 720.HFC-EAT5 for help in locating a site near you.

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