Join our FREE Fitness Challenge & Win Prizes.  Week 4 Results…

Join our FREE Fitness Challenge & Win Prizes. Week 4 Results…

Welcome to Week 5 (June 17 to 24) of the free  Meet My Goals Challenge!  You can join in at any time, so please don’t hesitate to add your goals for this week in the comments.  If you’re just now joining us, catch up with these posts:

Week 4 Report (6/10 to 6/16)

Have you heard of the mythological creatures women that lose weight when they are stressed?  Well that’s not me.

But, I have had a revelation.

Stress may not be the cause of the weight.

When I am stressed, I may be more likely to have a couple of glasses glass of wine in the evening or to indulge in comfort foods like mashed potatoes or donuts.

This past month I have cut out alcohol and guess what!  The weight is starting to come off.   I know this is not a revelation of magnitude.  In fact, I’ve had cutting out alcohol on my plan for weight loss forever for a while now.

But I also manage to make excuses in the moment:

One glass doesn’t matter.


I’ll exercise more tomorrow to make up for it.


Any number of reasons I concoct for making self destructive choices.  This isn’t limited to wine – this can be carbs or sweets or skipping my run.  All of the small, day to day, moment to moment, decisions that add up to be life.

In fact, I bet many of you know what you should do to lose weight.  It’s pretty straight forward after all – consume fewer calories and move your body more.  After a certain amount of education about caloric intake and exercise, the rest comes down to sticking with your plan.  Right?

This Challenge is to help us stick to our plans, so we’ve got that part covered started.   I thought it may be good to back up a step and summarize what we know about food and exercise.  Please add to this list!

Basic Weight Loss Food Tips

garden harvest

  • Water is the best choice.  To lose weight you do not want to drink calories either through alcohol, soda or juices.
  • Baked or grilled not fried.
  • Vegetables are your friend – but some are better than others.  My husband insists that corn is a veggie – yeees, but it’s a starchy one and therefore doesn’t fit in the vegetables are your friend category.   Green leafy vegetables are best.  Edamame, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas and beans of any kind all have high starch and should be limited.
  • Fruit is healthy for you, but can have high sugar content.  Be aware.  Sugar turns to fat fairly easily no matter if it’s lactose, sucrose, glucose or other forms.
  • Carbohydrates are easy for your body to turn to fat – limit to small quantities.  Anything with sugar is in this same category (including fruits).   If you do choose to eat a carbohydrate (pasta, rice, bread, etc) choose ones that are high fiber (whole grain, fruit based, brown rice, etc.).
  • Protein helps maintain your body’s muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolism – increasing your resting metabolic rate a.k.a. burns more calories.   Another thing I’ve learned from Nutriystem is that protein is very effective at curbing your appetite.  I have been loving the Nutrisystem protein shakes each morning – very easy to make, to fit into my schedule, and have in the morning to start my metabolism.  (Skipping breakfast slows your metabolic rate.)  I’ve also liked having cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs or a few slices of lunchmeat for a snack between meals.  Easy, quick, tasty and curbs my appetite.

Anything I missed?  Next week we’ll discuss exercise tips..

My Weekly Results

For 6/10 through 6/16.

Last week my goals were to:

  • Exercise 3 times.
  • Follow Nutrisystem plan minimum of 4 days.

I did my Couch to 5K running program twice this past week and haven’t done anything noteworthy for the  3rd day of exercise I was aiming for, so I’m going to say I didn’t meet my goals.  However, I did stick to my eating plan pretty well and am happy with the results.

  • Last Week’s Weight – 212.0
  • Week 4 Results – minus 2.4
  • Current Weight – 209.6
  • Total Loss – 13.4 lbs

I’m so excited to break that 210 barrier!  Very much looking forward to breaking the 200 one next.

By the way, putting up actual numbers still makes me feel like I’m standing naked in front of you all.  Sigh, wonder if that stops with less embarrassing numbers?  Or do I just mentally stand up taller as I feel naked?  Guess we’ll find out!

How did you do?  Please leave a comment saying if you met your goals Yes/No for entry into the weekly drawing.  

Comments will be open until Wednesday.  

My Week 5 Goals (6/17 to 6/24)

This coming week is going to be a bit tough for me.  I am going to a Social Media Conference next weekend which is guaranteed to have tempting foods and drinks.   Plus I will be out of my routine, so it will be harder to stick to both eating and exercising goals.  With that in mind, I have a few specific goals for this week.  (By the way, I may not get my post up on Sunday with my weight report in it since my scale will be at home.  Look for it by Tuesday at the latest.)

  • Exercise 3 times.  (Once while in Charlotte.)
  • Stick to good food choices – limited carbs while away.  Specifically I am going to shop for cheese sticks and lunch meat to eat as snacks and keep in our hotel fridge, plus bring a water bottle so I have water with me at all times.  Wish me luck!

What are your goals?

Please leave a comment letting us know what you are committing to this week (6/17 to 6/24).   The winner will receive Neuro Drink s and a Month’s Supply of PopChips.

Weekly Prizes

You do not need to share your weight in order to win prizes.  Each week you get to pick your goal and if one is a weight loss one, just let us know how much you lost (no need to share starting and ending weight).  At the end of the 10 week period, the person that lost the most pounds (as self reported) will win a prize as will the person that exercised the most minutes.

The following have graciously offered to add a little more incentive by sponsoring this challenge with some small prizes:

Please consider following each of these brands via facebook or twitter as thanks for their generosity.


Congratulations to the participants that met their goals!

Week 1 (5/20 to 5/26)

Week 2 (5/27 to 6/2)

Week 3 (6/3 to 6/9)

Before I pick a winner, did I miss anyone?

The winner of last week – Week 4 (6/10 to 6/16) – is going to win a $10 gift certificate to Plum District!  Make sure to let us know how you did last week (Week 4) to qualify.

Can’t wait to see how you do!

Please feel free to add the button to your blog sidebar or to any posts that mention this challenge.  The more participants, the more fun we’ll have, so please encourage your friends to participate too.

PLEASE leave a comment on this post and I will add you to a Challenge email list to get weekly reminders to check in.  I promise I will only use this list for the Challenge reminders.

Also, don’t hesitate to leave a note about specific topics you’d like discussed, questions you have, or areas you need particular help meeting your goals with…

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**Disclosure:  Nutrisystem is providing 4 months of their program at no charge in exchange for my review.  Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling                                      1-888-853-4689                     or by visiting Nutrisystem.

***Please note that I’ve added the dates to each week to keep following a bit easier.  If there are other ways I can make this Challenge better for you, please let me know!

17 Responses to Join our FREE Fitness Challenge & Win Prizes. Week 4 Results…

  1. I think that I confused you in my commment for the 3rd week (6/3-6/9). I didn’t meet my goals. I bombed terribly on one of them. But I did say something about doing great until Friday. So I think I am out of the running for week 3’s prize. :-(

    I will return and post my goals and progress for this last week (6/10-6/16).

  2. I did meet my goals this last week. And I am down another 1.6 lbs. (I keep waiting for my losing streak to end.)

    Next week I’m going to
    exercise 3x other than running
    finish the 100 situp challenge
    take my vitamins everyday (I still struggle with that one)

    • I hear ya Cathy! I have been on a losing streak too and keep thinking it’s going to end soon also. But I REALLY want to break that 200 barrier. Do you have a goal that is keeping you on track? Are you going to award yourself a “prize” as you meet mini goals? Some of us buy a new purse or earrings or get a pedicure or a new water bottle, etc. when we reach mini goals.

      • When I was trying to lose weight a few years ago before I got pregnant, I rewarded myself with a nose ring after losing 10 lbs. Immediately after getting my nose pierced, I gained back 5 lbs and didn’t lose anymore. Then I got pregnant.

        So, this time around I haven’t really thought about rewards. I didn’t really start running to lose weight, I just wanted to be fit, and in fact, didn’t even consider that I would lose 15 lbs (which I have now). So I don’t really have mini-goals, or a goal weight in mind. I’d like to be at 140 (ideal would be 130, but yeah, right!).

        I would like a new tattoo though . . . maybe at 20lbs. ;-)

        I run because I love to run. I loved it as a little girl and started doing it again to be in shape. The losing weight part has been a bonus. However, I have become a little addicted to the scale and (kinda) obsess over my weigh-ins on Fridays.

  3. Not a good week for me. I didn’t meet my goals as my biking “injury” sidelined me completely from exercising this past week. I gained 3. :( I’m still having pain, but I can do yoga this week.
    Yoga 3 x this week.
    1/2 my body weight in water a day. 75 oz yikes!

    Hopefully next week I can get back to walking.

    • Ugh. Injuries are so frustrating – especially when you are on a roll. That’s I lot of water – I have to admit I’ve not been good about sticking to the H2O intake…

      I recently found that I have Tara Stiles Yoga on my Sony network thingy – She has 3 and 4 minute segments that I’ve done a few times and surprised myself by being sore the next day. I am going to try to do one a day to help with my stretching and core strength. Do you do Yoga at home or at a gym? I’m new to it so must admit to not really understanding the different types.

      • I’m already behind on the water drinking. This injury is messing with my head in more areas than just exercise….so discouraged.
        Yoga. Daria, I have a Prevention Magazine dvd, called Better Belly Yoga (I think). It’s about 45 minutes and I sweat buckets. I’ll be doing that today. I have started the morning with water before coffee, so maybe today will be a turning point!

  4. Another loss for you. Way to go, Daria!!
    I met my goals for the week, but gained 0.4 lb. What’s up with that? I seem to be bouncing around in this 3 lb range, and it’s starting to drive me a bit nuts!
    Same goals for next week – follow Body Revolution exercise program (6x), drink lots of water, skip the coffee shop goodies.

    • Thanks Le’Ann! I am on a roll. Unfortunately the past few days I’ve wanted to eat everything in sight, so I’m afraid my losing streak may be at an end.

      It sounds like you may have plateau’d. Nutrisystem suggests switching up the order of your food and changing exercise programs and see if that helps to jumpstart your losing again. Can you think of how you could switch things up but still eat healthy and get your exercise in?

  5. Not only did I meet my goals but I didn’t have to force myself to eat a single day! On a sad note, I gained some of my loss back, which I was afraid would happen as a result of increasing my calories while my body was still in starvation mode. I spent 482 minutes exercising last week. With the beginning of summer vacation I’m cutting back on my work hours to stay at home with my daughter so will amend my exercise goal as I won’t be walking to work as often.

    calorie goal: eat between 2150 and 3000 calories every day

    exercise goal: walk at least a mile 5 days this week and do yard work/gardening 3 days

  6. I am back and ready for this weeks goals.
    1. Swim 4 times
    2. Run 1 time
    3. Healthy eating this week.

    I might not check in until Monday, I will be out of town again this weekend.

  7. I have not met my goals since I started, BUT today I walked 2 miles and I am on track for this coming week. My goal is to walk 2 miles every day.

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