Goals Fitness Challenge. Week 6 Results & Winners! #NSnation

Welcome to Week 7 (July 1 to 6) of the free  Meet My Goals Fitness Challenge!  You can join in at any time, so please don’t hesitate to add your fitness goals for this week in the comments.  If you’re just now joining our challenge, catch up with these posts:

Week 6 Report (6/24 to 6/30)

This is more like a 3 day report since I was late for Week 5 and just got it posted.  One of the things I love about having a weekly challenge is that each week is an opportunity to start fresh – to put last week’s mistakes or temptations behind me and move forward with a clean slate (not to be confused with cleaning my plate).

The past 3 days have been extremely interesting on my scale.  I started off having gained a few pounds, then I rapidly lost a few pounds – likely from going to the bathroom being home or timing in the month.

I was so excited to brag to you all about my amazing 5 pound weight loss, knowing it was all water weight, timing of when I weighed myself, etc.  but having no qualms about taking credit anyway.

You know what happens when I get too cocky?  I tend to think I’m invincible, that I have some superpower able to vanquish calories, that:

A moment on the lips.  A lifetime on the hips.

doesn’t apply to me any more.

Have you SEEN my hips?  Let’s just say I am the poster child for the above saying and leave it at that.


Not only did I allow my temporary insanity new superpower to convince me I could indulge in treats – Klondike bars – but I also somehow convinced myself that the stress of travel and little sleep was burning the same calories and giving me a cardio workout, so why bother with exercise?

Nope, no exercising last week (unless you count dancing at Type-A).   I wonder how many calories are burned in the Cuban Shuffle? Anyone know?  Regardless, effectively I did not exercise.

Yes, I had oodles of work to catch up on after being out of town.  Yes, it’s hot as Hades in Colorado right now and breaking records all over the place.  Yes, wildfires are burning all around us causing smoky conditions and poor air quality.

But, but, but…

Remember what I said last week about the relationship between how often I say but and the effect on my butt?

Big sigh.

Basic Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

This seems like a great time to put up some basic exercise tips to spark some ideas or motivation.  We covered some basic weight loss food tips, but hand in hand with changing our diet is changing our exercise habits.  So here goes my off the top of my head tips, please add yours in the comments!

  • Move more.  Exercise does not have to leave you red faced and sweaty to be doing good.   Just keeping the idea of move more in the front of your mind will help.  Some ways to do so include:
  1. Take the stairs versus the elevator.
  2. Carry laundry in your hands versus baskets to make yourself take more trips.
  3. Park further away.
  4. Walk the dog.
  5. Play with your kids when you take them to the park instead of reading on the bench (which is what I tend to do).
  6. Do a couple of laps at the pool versus just wading or laying out.
  7. Join an adult sports team.
  8. Others?
  • Strength  Training.  When your heartbeat races and you get winded you are working on cardio, meaning you are strengthening your heart muscle.  Important, but not has effective for weight loss as building muscle.  Muscle burns more calories during rest (raising metabolism) so if you add strength training to your routine, you get the calories burned during the exercise, but also added calories burned throughout your resting hours too.
  • 100 Situps & 100 Pushups.  My friend Samantha suggested aiming for 100 situps and 100 pushups each day.  They don’t have to be done all at once.  Perhaps you do 15 in the morning before work, 15 at lunch, 15 when you get home, 15 after dinner. The point is to try to do a few at a time throughout the day until you reach 100 total.  Maybe 100 is too many, but set your goal based on your fitness and make it at least 3 times as many as you can do in any one sitting.
  • Sign up for a 5K.   If running isn’t your thing, then find something comparable.  The point is to have a deadline and a motivational event lined up that keeps you on track and accountable.
  • Set Weekly Goals.  Obviously I find value in weekly goals since that’s the whole premise of our challenge.  But it’s worth repeating that having weekly goals breaks things up into doable pieces.  I especially like weekly because it allows you to start with a fresh slate each week, so if last week wasn’t good it doesn’t have to mean you quit completely.  You get to start over again on Sunday and get back on track.
  • Buddy Up.  Find someone to go with you – maybe a friend, maybe your spouse, maybe your child.  Heck, even your dog is helpful.  That person helps keep you going even on the days you just aren’t motivated.   And your dog?  Once he’s used to a routine he will whine up a storm until you take him out running.
  • Protein.  Try to add protein to your diet within 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after exercising.  It helps build muscle and keeps your body from metabolizing your muscle instead of fat for calories during exercise.
  • Others? Please add your tips in the comments!
 **Also check out this post for specific running tips.

My Weekly Results

For 6/27 through 6/30.

  • Last Week’s Weight – 212.0
  • Week 6 Results – minus 1.0
  • Current Weight – 211.0
  • Total Loss – 12.0 lbs

No, it wasn’t a total loss (or gain in this case).  I did drop a pound which I’ll take any day over gaining a pound.  It’s just tough because at one point I stepped on the scale and it said 207, yet this morning I’m 4 lbs heavier.  I managed to undo 4 pounds of hard work in just a couple of days.

Hopefully some of this is water weight or temporary for some other reason and next week will show a large loss.

I have this strange idea that if I don’t allow the weight to stick for very long then it’s easier to get off – like my body is “trying out” this weight, but if I jump right on it, these pounds won’t be able to grow roots and will be easier to dig up – like weeds almost.

So my plan?  Dig those pounds out right away before they take hold and get tougher to eliminate.

How did you do?  Please leave a comment saying if you met your goals Yes/No for entry into the weekly drawing.  

Comments will be open until Wednesday. 

My Week 7 Goals (7/1 to 7/6)

  • Exercise 3 times.
  • Follow Nutrisystem plan a minimum of 4 days.
  • Stick to good food choices – limited carbs and lots of water.
I received my new shipment of Nutrisystem yesterday, so started this morning off with a protein shake.  Have I mentioned how much I love them?  I tried to use another protein shake from the grocery store while I was waiting for my Nutrisystem shipment to arrive and couldn’t stand the taste.  It was supposed to be vanilla, but the texture and flavor were awful.  It made me appreciate the Nutrisystem ones for sure.
Have you added a protein supplement to your diet?  If so, which one do you use? 

Please leave a comment letting us know what you are committing to this week (7/1 to 7/6).   The winner will receive a month’s supply of PopChips.

Weekly Prizes

You do not need to share your weight in order to win prizes.  Each week you get to pick your goal and if one is a weight loss one, just let us know how much you lost (no need to share starting and ending weight).  At the end of the 10 week period, the person that lost the most pounds (as self reported) will win a prize as will the person that exercised the most minutes.

The following have graciously offered to add a little more incentive by sponsoring this challenge with some small prizes:

Please consider following each of these brands via facebook or twitter as thanks for their generosity.


Congratulations to the participants that met their goals!

Week 1 (5/20 to 5/26)

Week 2 (5/27 to 6/2)

Week 3 (6/3 to 6/9)

Week 4 (6/10 to 6/16)

Week 5 (6/17 to 6/24)

Our next winner – Week 6  (6/25 to 6/30) – is going to win Neuro Drink!  Make sure to let us know how you did last week (Week 6) to qualify.

Can’t wait to see how you do!

Please feel free to add the button to your blog sidebar or to any posts that mention this challenge.  The more participants, the more fun we’ll have, so please encourage your friends to participate too.

PLEASE leave a comment on this post and I will add you to a Challenge email list to get weekly reminders to check in.  I promise I will only use this list for the Challenge reminders.

Also, don’t hesitate to leave a note about specific topics you’d like discussed, questions you have, or areas you need particular help meeting your goals with…

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**Disclosure:  Nutrisystem is providing 4 months of their program at no charge in exchange for my review.  Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling                                      1-888-853-4689                     or by visiting Nutrisystem.

***Please note that I’ve added the dates to each week to keep following a bit easier.  If there are other ways I can make this Challenge better for you, please let me know!

11 Responses to Goals Fitness Challenge. Week 6 Results & Winners! #NSnation

  1. Way to go, Daria! You really are doing great.
    I managed to miss my goals the last two weeks. Guess I’m flagging at the tail end of Body Revolution. Next week I’m starting a new program, sort of. Changing my goals a bit:
    1. Exercise 5 times
    2. Look for healthier meal choices
    3. Water, water, water

  2. Keep up the good work Daria!

    Yes, I made my goals last week, lots of swimming and a great run with my dog. I continue healthy eating choices with no late night snacking.

    Goals for this week:
    1. Strength training 4 times
    2. Go swimming 2 times
    3. Drink lots of water

  3. Way to go, Daria! Congrats on the weight loss. I am SO excited to say that I met my goals for this past week. I walked every single day, 2 miles each day and I feel SO good.

    This week my goals are to continue my 2 mile daily walk and I am adding a 30-minute workout 3 times this coming week.

    Thanks Daria, my inspiration!

  4. Very stressful week last week….I HAD to eat 6 Oreos and 1 chocolate chip cookie in preparation for a presentation to a bunch of (all male) Vice-Presidents. However, I did work out 4 times, and ate TONS of salad, so I still lost 1.5 pounds on Weight Watchers.

    My tip for 4th of July: EAT LOTS OF FRUIT!!! But, it is BBQ season, and this can mean TONS of fat, sugar, and calories. I am going for lean, boneless, beef ribs. Season them with a dry rub (put the ingredients in a bag with the meat, shake it up, and press it in!). The cook on the grill, as usual, preferably at a low temperature. This will give you your flavor without using BBQ sauce. Serve sauce on the side, for those who want it, but I like mine just with the rub. Rub recipe:

    – 1 tablespoon black pepper
    – 1 tablespoon cayenne
    – 1 tablespoon chili powder
    – 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    – 1 teaspoon garlic salt
    – 1 tablespoon paprika
    – 1 teaspoon rosemary
    – 1 teaspoon thyme

    If you ever fix this, I hope you love it as much as my family does.

  5. You’re doing so well, Daria. Yay!
    My issues are getting better, but are exacerbated by heat and humidity….both of which we have here in MN this week, with records to be broken. So, knowing that I can’t get outside to move, I will concentrate on my diet this week.
    1. Protein shake for breakfast every morning. (I use Jay Robb’s egg-white protein with 8 oz juice.)
    2. Salad with chicken or turkey for lunch, except for the 4th of July.
    3. Regular dinner with my family, but smaller portions.
    4. More water….I’ve been lacking.

  6. Have been really off, but did get to swim at the aquatic center in our town even though I am not a fan of the pool, went anyway.. This week my goal is to make it there 3x’s and going to up my water intake. Have not made it to gym or running, but as you know the temp’s here along with humdity have been up there.

    All of you who have lost & reached your goals really inspire me. Good Luck everyone with this weeks challenges..

  7. OK, I know this is on the wrong post as it is already week 8, but week 8 isn’t posted yet and I won’t be in the office again until next weekend so wanted to check in at least.

    I have not been doing very well at all and am blaming it on the weather. It is just TOO hot to eat, or move, or even breathe! I haven’t done any yard work as I had hoped since it has either been horribly hot or storming. There doesn’t seem to be an in between at all :(

    According to my pedometer I have managed to walk 30.69 miles the past 2 weeks for a total of 769 minutes.

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