Did You Know Congress is Re-Authorizing the Farm Bill?

Did You Know Congress is Re-Authorizing the Farm Bill?


The United States is THE largest contributor of global food assistance – both helping after natural disasters and also assisting undernourished people in poverty and drought stricken nations.  Go USA!

Unfortunately much of the food that we provide is not highly nutritious.  Right now, Congress is re-authorizing the Farm Bill and we have an opportunity to influence our representatives to up the ante on the nutrition we provide.

Future Fortified brought this to my attention and asks us to do the following:

So here’s what to do – take 15 seconds to TOUT to your Representative why you think the 2012 Farm Bill should strengthen the quality of U.S. food aid to ensure our investments are having the greatest impact possible, specifically for women and young children. If you do not already have a TOUT account, it will take you another 15 seconds to set one up here.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, then please feel no pressure to participate.  However, I do highly encourage you to find a cause that you believe in and take 10 minutes to support it in some way.  Helping others really helps improve your happiness level and realize all the blessings in your life.

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