7 Rewards for Staff (or Family)

Whether you are leading a team of people or leading a family, the same methods apply for motivating desirable behavior.  In both cases, your people really want to please and crave recognition.   Here are some easy and cheap ways to reward them…


  • Say “thank you” and mean it.  Written notes are very effective.
  • Give a small gift. ex:    $5 Starbuck’s GC
  • Praise publically. ex:  Stand up at a staff meeting & point out what the employee accomplished.  Or seek out their boss and let them overhear you telling the boss they did a good job.
  • Create a title. ex:    Employee of the Week / Intern manager / Director of New Staff Orientation
  • Rotating trophy. ex:  Geek of the week / Innovation Trophy / Overtime winner
  • Added responsibility. ex:  Run the meeting / write the newsletter /
  • Earned rewards. ex:  Better office / New account / primo parking spot


  • Say “thank you” and mean it.  Written notes are very effective in lunch boxes or on pillows.
  • Give a small gift. ex:    Toy from the Dollar Tree.
  • Praise publically. ex:  Let them overhear you telling your parents on the phone how great they did xyz.  Tell their teacher or another parent at soccer what they did well.
  • Create a title. ex:    Chief Kitchen Helper or Gardening Goddess
  • Rotating trophy. ex:  Best Reader Award / Most Minutes Read / Cleanest Room
  • Added responsibility. ex:  Walk the dog  or get the mail.  This may seem backwards to reward them with more chores.  But if you let it be known it’s because they are more mature and responsible, it does work.
  • Earned rewards. ex:  Extra hour of TV / Go to the Park / Pick the Movie / Cupcakes

What do you do to motivate staff and family?  I’d love to hear your tips!


3 Responses to 7 Rewards for Staff (or Family)

  1. Great list! My son just got a baseball trophy, he loved it. I should get a reading trophy, level the playing field with my daughter… Thanks for the idea. One of my favorites is TIME. A little extra quality time for the child or the subordinate to bend your ear and brag about what they’ve accomplished. Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Give them the chance and really listen. You might learn something. Win/Win and it’s easy on the budget! Great post, thanks Daria. Brian

    • Thanks, Brian. Time is a great one to add to the list. You are right, undivided attention by your boss or your parent is a reward. Asking for their opinion also works. Great addition to the list, Brian.

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