Fitness Goals Challenge – Week 8

Fitness Goals Challenge – Week 8


Welcome to Week 8 (July 8 to 14) of the free  Meet My Goals Fitness Challenge!  You can join in at any time, so please don’t hesitate to add your fitness goals for this week in the comments.  If you’re just now joining our challenge, catch up with these posts:

Check In

We are more than halfway through the challenge and I wanted to check in with you and see what you like about this challenge, what you think we could do to improve the challenge, if you’d consider participating again, etc.

I know that having you holding me accountable and reporting back to you each week has helped motivate me to get my exercise in on the days I simply don’t feel like doing it.  That is priceless for me and well worth the extra work it takes to organize the Challenge.

But how is it working for you?  Does this weekly format help motivate you?  Is 10 weeks too long? Too short?  Are there specific areas of weight loss or fitness that you’d like us to discuss in more detail?

I really want this to be valuable for you and help all of us meet our goals.  I love hearing your success stories and seeing each of you discover not only your smaller body, but the self confidence and strength that comes with conquering the goals you’re setting for yourself.

So, please share any feedback you have!  Now, moving on to the details…

Week 7 Report (7/1 to 7/7)

I met my goals!

I’m doing something a little differently this week and splitting my specific results into a different post.  If interested in how much weight I lost, my insights into Nutrisystem, and how I exercised,please read the details here.

How did you do?  Please leave a comment saying if you met your goals Yes/No for entry into the weekly drawing.  

Comments will be open until Wednesday. 

My Week 8 Goals (7/8 to 7/14)

  • Exercise 3 times.
  • Follow Nutrisystem plan a minimum of 4 days.
  • Stick to good food choices – limited carbs and lots of water.
What goals are working for you?  

Please leave a comment letting us know what you are committing to this week (7/8 to 7/14).   The winner will receive a case of Neuro Drink.

Weekly Prizes

You do not need to share your weight in order to win prizes.  Each week you get to pick your goal and if one is a weight loss one, just let us know how much you lost (no need to share starting and ending weight).  At the end of the 10 week period, the person that lost the most pounds (as self reported) will win a prize as will the person that exercised the most minutes.

The following have graciously offered to add a little more incentive by sponsoring this challenge with some small prizes:

Please consider following each of these brands via facebook or twitter as thanks for their generosity.


Congratulations to the participants that met their goals!

Week 1 (5/20 to 5/26)

Week 2 (5/27 to 6/2)

Week 3 (6/3 to 6/9)

Week 4 (6/10 to 6/16)

Week 5 (6/17 to 6/24)

Week 6 (6/25 to 6/30)

Our next winner – Week 7  (7/1 to 7/7) – is going to win  Neuro Drink!  Make sure to let us know how you did last week (Week 7) to qualify.

Can’t wait to see how you do!

Please feel free to add the button to your blog sidebar or to any posts that mention this challenge.  The more participants, the more fun we’ll have, so please encourage your friends to participate too.

PLEASE leave a comment on this post and I will add you to a Challenge email list to get weekly reminders to check in.  I promise I will only use this list for the Challenge reminders.

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**Disclosure:  Nutrisystem is providing 4 months of their program at no charge in exchange for my review.  Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling                                      1-888-853-4689                     or by visiting Nutrisystem.

***If there are other ways I can make this Challenge better for you, please let me know!

13 Responses to Fitness Goals Challenge – Week 8

  1. Hi,
    I did not hit my goals last week, my oldest son has been sick for a week and caring for him was more important in my book!

    Goals this week:
    1. Running 2 times this week
    2. Strength training 2 times this week
    3. Lots & Lots of water.

    • Hi Leah,

      Really hope your son feels better soon! Sick kiddos are so hard.

      What do you do for strength training? I’d like to add some into my routine (after watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition) but don’t know what to do other than pushups.

  2. Did not meet goals last week.
    I’m finally feeling better and got out for a walk yesterday.
    Miss L will be back at summer school this week, so I’m hoping to get some exercising in.
    Weight has been up and down, but over all, a gain of 2 lbs.
    No Dew (I slipped up)
    36 oz water/day
    Walk 3 times this week.

    • Give yourself a break on the Dew – I know you’ve been stressed out. SO glad to hear you are feeling better!!

      Your kiddo is back in school? Woohoo! She must be on a year round schedule – ours go back on Aug 20th – part of me is happy and part is wondering where the summer went already.

      You have very manageable goals – I know that once you feel better you’ll do great!

      • Daria,
        Not year round school, our district has a fantastic summer school program for preschoolers, so Miss L has been going to that, along with swimming and various library events. We’ve been running like crazy and it hasn’t been with our legs! :D
        I’ve maintained my weight and have been out for 2 mile walks, so far 4 times this week and have been doing better on the water, but not the Dew. Will try to go today without the golden drink!

  3. Hey everyone, update time! I am better, much better. My incisions are completely closed and I am more mobile. I finally got to go to the grocery store and Sam’s this weekend. Yay!! That may not sound like much, but trust me, that is more walking than I have done in a month! It felt really good. I am tired now but it was worth it. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am looking forward to the celebration with friends. I am still at only 2 lb gained since June 13th. So, I guess whatever I am doing is working :-) Water and lots of it and watching what I am eating is part of it. I hope you all are well and if my doctor clears me at my 4 week appointment this Thursday, I hope to rejoin the group. Keep your fingers crossed! Until then keep working hard.

    • YAY! so glad to hear you are doing so much better. I am so impressed you’ve been able to keep your weight gain so minimal with such enforced resting – you are kicking butt Cyn!

      Happy Birthday! Did you get that dress? :)

  4. Hi Everyone! Congrats to all the winners of the Fitness Goals Challenge and a very happy birthday to you, Cynthia.

    I met my goals again this past week. I am feeling great! I walked a minimum of 2 miles every single day and I workded out at home 3 times last week.

    Becuase of my schedule for this coming week, I need to modify my goals a bit. I will continue to walk, but I will commit to walking 2 miles 5 days this coming week and work out 3 times this week.

    Daria, I am so motivated by your challenge. Even though the cahllenge is a virtual come back and share type thing, I feel empowered and very motivated to make sure I meet my weekly goals. I don’t feel like I’m doing this by myself and I appreciate and need that right now. So for me, I have only positive and very grateful things to say about this challenge. Thank you for the extra incentive of prizes too, that’s only adds to the motivation!

    Good luck to everyone for this coming week!

    • Yay! That was totally the point, just to help motivate each other and give us a reason to keep ourselves on track. Thanks so much for letting me know it’s working for you Lori – really made my day.

  5. I actually met my goals this week. Woot! Next week – exercise at least 5 times, brown-bag my lunch at least 2 days (healthier than fast food), cut back on the snacking (now that all the chocolate cupcakes are gone).

  6. I did not meet my goals last week – only got in 2 exercise sessions. I also ate more than I should have, and exceeded my Points Plus daily allowance on Weight Watchers. Fortunately, I didn’t gain any weight, but didn’t lose any either!
    Traveling again this week, but I’ve packed my running clothes and am committed to getting a workout in EVERY NIGHT I am gone.

    Have a good week everyone!

  7. Back on track! I did manage to work out 3 times – wish I was like Lori and could also walk 2 miles a day, but I will take what I can! More importantly, I DID lose a bit of weight. According to WWPP, I am down a total of 7.5 pounds. It is slow going, but I feel really good and am eating well. And I guess that is what is most important!

    Happy week everyone!

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