Long Awaited End to the Fitness Challenge

Long Awaited End to the Fitness Challenge

celebrate weight lossCongratulations!!  You made it to the end of the Meet My Goals Fitness Challenge!  Whether you’ve been in it from the beginning, just joined last week, or somewhere in the middle you should be proud of yourself for sticking with it and challenging yourself to set goals and meet them.

Week 10 Report

Well, it’s really more of a 3 week update than 1, because I’ve taken a bit of a mental health holiday from blogging the past few weeks.  Strange, because blogging can be therapeutic, but for the past few weeks I have stayed away from the blog.  I really need to get the design wrapped up – sorry it’s been so messy!

Ok, enough tangential comments. How did I do with weight loss you ask?

I did so-so, then I totally blew it, then I did alright again, and finally I started getting back on track.  In the end, I rounded out the hiatus pretty much breaking even.

I did find that making a plan to exercise while my kids are at sports’ practice really worked out well.  Especially because I know there are a couple of people at those practices that read my blog.  I generally think of myself as a person that doesn’t really care what others think of me, but when it comes to my weight – holy cow that embarrassment factor and accountability to others really keeps me in line. So my good Scottish friends – please continue to keep me accountable, even if you don’t know you’re doing it. :)

Weight Loss Results

  • Last Week’s Weight – 206.6
  • Week 10 Results – minus 0.2
  • Current Weight – 206.4
  • Total Loss – 16.6 lbs

Although I didn’t meet my weight loss and exercise goals (or even my blogging goals as long as I’m confessing), I am really happy to be back to my starting point.  I was up 4 pounds at one point in the past few weeks!  So, I’ll say my past few weeks can be summed up as – two steps back, two steps forward.  Hopefully I’ll continue the forward trend and get under that blasted 200 number soon.

Weight Loss Insight

Weight loss isn’t just about calories in versus calories out – although that’s a big part of it.  It is very much an emotional journey as well.  In fact, I’d say it is more emotional than physical in many ways.

For me, stress is a huge factor in my food choices.  Stress me out and I want mashed potatoes and chocolate (my comfort foods).  Everything relaxed?  Then fruit and veggies sound good.

Happiness plays a huge role too.  When I’m happy I am much more motivated to stick to good food choices and to exercise.  Sad or depressed?  Not so much.

You may think that the answer is easy then – just eliminate stress and stay happy and I’ll be super skinny in no time.  But since real life is not lived in a stress free environment where everyone is perpetually happy, I guess I need to keep looking for the answer.

My initial thoughts on this as I delve into the dark recesses of my psyche  consider it, are twofold:

1) While I can’t eliminate stressful events from my life, I can psychoanalyze myself change how I react to those events.  Stay calmer, focus on the positive, and give up control accept that the only thing I can truly control is me.

2) There is value in wallowing in your grief or sadness or stress or whatever for a short period of time.  Short being the key word there.  Allowing yourself to acknowledge your feelings is healthy.  Allowing those feelings to shackle you in a negative place is not.

So here’s my plan for when I am feeling stressed, depressed, or unmotivated in the next few weeks:

1) Indulge in one dish/meal of comfort food (rather than a week or more).

2) Follow that meal with exercise – even if that just means a walk around the block.

I am going to put the power of dopamine (happiness hormone released when you eat carbohydrates) and endorphins to my benefit.  I’ll let you know if it works.

How did you do?  


Week 9 (7/16 to 7/23)

  • Lori -
  • Deb – Winner!  Email me for the amazon credit for four free song downloads to add to your music playlist.
  • Cynthia


Stay tuned tomorrow for the post announcing how to enter to win the Grand Prizes…

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6 Responses to Long Awaited End to the Fitness Challenge

  1. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss, Daria!

    This has been an amazing jouney for me that I continue with to this day, and hope to continue for years to come. Although I didn’t track a weight loss, I did set goals for myself to exercise on a continuous and regular basis. Those goals I stick to to this very day. I continue to walk 2 miles at least 6 days a week and I do a work out at least 3 days a week. My very favorite part of this exercise routine is that one of my children come with me on my walk and we get to spend 25-30 of quality talking and bonding while exercising. This has been so good for my mind, my soul, and my legs!

    Thanks, Daria, for the driving motivational force you have been in my life. Your challenge has truly made a difference!

  2. Hey Daria! Congratulations on the weight loss! Wow, that is some progress! Keep up the good work! I am working on getting back into an exercise routine. It is hard. I am now at 5 lbs gained. I am trying desperately to get it OFF!! But other than that I am doing well. Thank you for hosting these challenges, they really help!

  3. I lost 7 lbs on the challenge,which, actually is really good, I think! I’m 10 away from my goal, so now I can say that I need to lose “those stubborn 10 pounds” that we all read about in magazines! Thanks for the challenge. It was really fun to see what everyone else was doing.

  4. Like Daria, I have had a few minor downfalls (candy candy candy), but have managed to lose 10 pounds! I still want to drop about 15 more, and will stick with Weight Watchers and the exercise routine (I LOVE my elliptical). This has been fun, and I would LOVE to do another challenge!

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