Back to School Shopping Trips

When back-to-school season rolls around, you’ll inevitably have a shopping list that includes new clothes, school supplies and possibly even electronic devices for your son or daughter. It can be difficult to tackle everything on your list in just one destination, so think of a few places where you can get the majority of your shopping done, and a few specific stores for anything left over. You can even make back-to-school shopping into a road trip. Here are a few destination ideas for your next back-to-school shopping trip.

  • Local “big box” retail stores. Stores like Target and Walmart can help you accomplish a lot of your shopping in one place. You’ll find school supplies, clothes, shoes, book bags and just about anything else your student may need. Check here first to check the essentials off your list.
  • The mall. Shopping malls differ from location to location, but most should at least have clothes covered. While the prices at the mall can be a bit more expensive than at the bigger all-in-one retail stores, you’ll have much more variety to choose from, and possibly higher quality items from certain brands.
  • Outlet stores. Many larger clothing brands have outlet stores where last season’s or less expensive items are sold. If you’re looking for name-brand clothing at a discount, this is a great place to start. Outlet stores are usually grouped together in an outdoor mall format, so you’ll have several stores and brands to explore. Outlet stores are a great road trip destination since many of them are located along major highways.
  • Destination shopping. If the stores in your area don’t quite offer the selection you’re looking for, consider a destination shopping road trip. For example, if you live in the Eastern United States, you may want to head to New York for a few retail stores that aren’t in your area. And since sales tax varies by state, you may want to plan a destination shopping trip to save some money on a large purchase. Destination shopping trips are great in that they provide access to additional retail options, and a chance for one last summer vacation road trip before heading back to school.

Before heading out for a back-to-school shopping road trip, make sure you’re covered in case you run into trouble on the road. Check your vehicle insurance coverage to confirm that it’s up-to-date, and request an insurance quote for policy options such as roadside assistance, which might come in handy in case you break down.

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