Day 3:  I am Thankful for….

Day 3: I am Thankful for….

Good Hair Days

Yes, you read that right.  I am thankful for good hair days.

I recognize how shallow that is – but yesterday’s thanks was all serious and intense.  I was ready for a change of pace.  Plus, this was this morning – definitely not a good hair day:

baseball cap hair day
The hair is scary under that hat… will give you nightmares, scary.


But thankfully I was able to take the afternoon and visit a miracle worker get my hair done.  Cut, color, highlights…

haircut back
From the back…


good hair zit pimples adult
From the front…


Why do I have a finger on my cheekbone, you ask?  Well, I didn’t say it was a good skin day…

good hair
Mount Vesuvius on my cheek… ugh.

Can’t have everything I suppose.

*Disclaimer:  No animals or children were injured in the cutting of this hair, although they may be frightened by the sight of my makeup-less face and unstyled cut, it is much less frightening than a few hours ago.

What are you thankful for? 

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    • OOH – you totally inspired my thanks for tomorrow! An extra hour AND the kids aren’t home so I’ll actually be able to sleep in! :)

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