Day 4:  There Actually ARE More Hours in the Day!

Day 4: There Actually ARE More Hours in the Day!

As moms, working or not, how many days do we wish we had more time?  For me, it’s daily.

I can’t count how many times I’ve thought – if there were just 26 hours in a day, maybe I’d be able to catch up.

Today we actually got an extra hour!  Did anyone else hear angels sing when they peered at the clock on the nightstand and remembered it was actually an hour earlier?  That’s definitely how I started my morning.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

So how did you spend your extra hour?

My son’s soccer coach sent an email out last night reminding us of the time change (so we’d show up to the game on time this morning) and added something like this:

Don’t forget tonight the time changes, so those of you without kids get to sleep in an extra hour.

I laughed, but then realized I didn’t have kids this morning!  They were with their Dad this weekend, so I actually got to sleep in this morning.  Nirvana I tell you.

So, what did I do with my extra hour today?  I spent part of it cuddling with this cutie pie:

hymalayan cat
Our kitty – Sesame. Short for Sesame Chicken :)

And a bit of it making my house resemble more of a place for humans and less of a sty for pigs.


Plus got to watch these rock stars finish up their outdoor soccer seasons with makeup games from last weekend’s snow.

girls soccer


How did you spend your extra hour?

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