Day #7:  Grateful for Her Sense of….Style?

Day #7: Grateful for Her Sense of….Style?

My four year old is a force to be reckoned with.   Not in a Hurricane Sandy way –  leaving a path of destruction – but more a case of endless energy and creativity, paired with a strong sense of self.

Her creativity is most evident in her wardrobe choices.  Today’s wardrobe adventure included wearing a Christmas Tree skirt to school.

No, this is not a skirt with Christmas trees on it, but rather the actual skirt you put under the tree.    Shockingly, she was still wearing it when I picked her up this afternoon.

From the front it looks pretty good…


christmas tree skirt

From the back, it gets a bit more hospital robe reminiscent…

individual sense of style

Regardless of how silly, it was her choice and I love it.  She made me smile all day and brought quite a bit of humor to my Facebook friends when I shared it with them earlier.

So for today, I am grateful that my daughter is true to herself and follows her own sense of style.  I hope that she never feels the need to conform in order to fit in or win others’ approval.

She’s perfect just the way she is… Christmas tree skirt and all.

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12 Responses to Day #7: Grateful for Her Sense of….Style?

  1. Thank you for sharing this!!! LOL!! That is AWESOME! My Lizzie makes some very interesting wardrobe choices too. For an entire Summer when she was 2 years old she wore NOTHING. I tried convincing her to wear SOMETHING, anything, but she refused. Only time she ever wore clothes that summer is if we left the house. LOL!!! So glad that stage has passed :)

    • Yep, definitely went through the naked phase with my oldest. She’s so embarrassed when I show those pictures now (at her ripe old age of 10). There are some things that just aren’t worth fighting and since C was decently covered I didn’t even bother to question her. :) Plus it made for such a great laugh all day…

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