Day 10:  Best Delivery E.V.E.R.!  #giveaway

Day 10: Best Delivery E.V.E.R.! #giveaway

Day 10 of focusing on my blessings brings me to wine.   Specifically wine delivered to my door by California Wine Club.

Remember how much I loved receiving my monthly California Wine Club wine last year?  Guess what?  I have a two month Premier Club membership again!

I was like a kid at Christmas when my monthly shipment of California Wine Club came this month.  Just ask the people I work with – I made them all envious when I showed them my surprise.

**By the way, you have to have someone 21 and older sign for the delivery, so choose a delivery address with 21+ year olds available to sign.  For me that was work.

There’s the obvious reason I was excited.  It’s wine after all.  Delivered wine.  To my door.  Wine.   :)

Plus it’s good wine.  Great wine actually, but not break the budget expensive in order to get that level of quality.  In fact it’s pretty darn reasonable.

This past month I received a Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo from Robledo family winery.  As you know, I’m a pretty firm white wine fan, but this red Tempranillo blew me away.  I loved it!  I’m going to totally stalk CWC and see if I can buy a case of it.  Smooth, tasty, not oaky (I am not an oaky or dry fan, personally).  Incredible.

wine club membership

But beyond the convenience of having wine delivered to my door and the obvious benefit of having quality wine, I really enjoy the surprise of seeing what I’m getting each month and the motivation to expand my wine palate.  I would never have known I liked this red if not for the Wine Club.

Plus, although I am a very happy wine drinker, I don’t really fit the image I have of wine connoisseurs.   I couldn’t really tell you if a wine has legs or body or how the flavor is affected if it comes from the xyz region versus the abc one .  All I really know is whether I like it or not and California Wine Club’s goal of taking the “stuffy” out of wine really works for me personally.

Giveaway and Discount Code

I can’t tell you how much I missed having my two bottles show up each month.  It is just so convenient to have wine delivered.  It means I have a bottle handy to open when a friend stops by or to take with me for a thank you gift to a party’s host.   This time of year that convenience is priceless.

Want to sign up for your own delivery or order a membership as a gift for the upcoming holidays?  Make sure you get your 10% discount by using promo code Blog10 when you order.

Plus make sure you enter the California Wine Club holiday giveaway.  There are some fabulous prizes being given out and with 104 winners, your odds of winning are pretty darn good.

1) One of four, Three Month Wine Club membership (A $150 value you can give as a gift, or keep for yourself)

2) One of 50 handy Two Bottle Wine Totes ($25 value)

3) One of 50 Red Tulip Music wine country CD’s ($15 value)

Please also consider following  CWC on twitter at @cawineclub and the CWC Facebook page to stay on top of current discounts and sales.

Disclosure:  I was blessed with a two month Premier Club membership to facilitate my review.  No one was injured in my race to the door to receive my delivery other than my shins on the coffee table.  All gushing about CWC and enjoyment of the wine is my own.  :)

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    • I love, love, love a wine club membership as a gift. It’s definitely one that keeps on giving, plus people are typically happy when they drink the wine, so think of you happily as they sip their gift…

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