Day 14: I’m Thankful We’re NOT #1…

I had my TV debut last night.  Eeeek!

I was interviewed as part of a news piece on the high cost of daycare and how it affects family budgets.  I knew daycare/preschool took a huge chunk out of my take home pay, but I didn’t realize Colorado ranked so high on the list of most expensive states for daycare (Colorado is #4).

This isn’t a list I’m particularly thrilled to be at the top of personally.

I was incredibly nervous for the interview.  I was hoping my nerves didn’t show on tape, but I’m afraid they did – unless my upper lip always disappears like this?

Anyway, the clip is great and well worth watching.  For me, I am grateful for two things 1) that my spotlight was so short and 2) that we  aren’t #1 on the most expensive states of daycare list!


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3 Responses to Day 14: I’m Thankful We’re NOT #1…

    • Thank you! I was a nervous Nellie, which actually surprised me. I thought I’d be all cool and collected, but nope – nerves hit once the camera was set up.

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