Thanksgiving 2012 : Saying Yes.

Thanksgiving 2012 : Saying Yes.

Here I am on Thanksgiving 2012, waiting for my sweet potato soufflé to finish cooking so I can bundle it up and go to a friend’s house to celebrate my favorite holiday.  sweet potato soufflé

As I was putting the sweet potato soufflé together, I conditioned my stomach for the Thanksgiving feast by finishing up leftover Greek lamb with tzatziki sauce I experimented with last night.  It came out SO good!  I’ll totally have to share the recipe with you.

I was surprised to find myself remembering Thanksgiving 1997.  That year I spent the holiday alone in Athens, Greece eating a gyro for dinner and calling my family from a pay phone to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.   Yes, before cell phones!

This year is the first year since that day in Athens that I find myself spending Thanksgiving without family.   I offered to let the kids spend all of Thanksgiving with their Dad rather than splitting the day between us, so they left this morning for their festivities – all spit shined and smiling – see?

Thanksgiving 2012
On the way to Dad’s house…

At first I thought I’d stay home and rest up for my Santa escapade – aka my Black Friday dash around town attempting to buy 20 things for the price of 10.

Instead, I decided to say Yes to my kids’ request that we camp out on the trampoline last night.    Yes, we called it a night at 3:40am when my four year old woke us up and we all decided the lure of  bathrooms and beds was too hard to resist, but it was definitely a bonding moment for my kids and a reminder to me to say Yes more often.

sleeping on a trampoline
Trampoline Sleep out…


So I called my friend and said Yes to an invitation to share the holiday with them.

In a few minutes I’m packing up my California Wine Club wine of the month along with a mouthwatering sweet potato soufflé and heading out to enjoy the benefits of learning to say Yes more often.

california wine club

And while I anticipate I will peek at the two rocks and a piece of pink string my four year old gave me on her way out the door – to remind me of her so I wouldn’t miss her – I am looking around and counting my blessings.

I am so incredibly thankful for the blessings in my life and look forward to what saying Yes more often is going to bring my way in the coming year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


8 Responses to Thanksgiving 2012 : Saying Yes.

    • It’s such a simple concept, but it’s amazing the doors and opportunities it’s opening…

      Just tonight I said Yes to trying a tumbling class – handstands, trampoline, etc. with my other classmates were all under 12!

      To be fair I thought it was an adult dance class when I decided to go, but once I realized my mistake I stayed…Silly, ridiculous and yet, a memorable night too :)

  1. I am so thankful for you in the fact that you gave me my piece of family last year when I needed it so much and I am so sorry that I couldn’t return that to you this year. I miss you every day!

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