Should You Delete SPAM Emails?

Should You Delete SPAM Emails?

I’m sure we’ve all had the joy of finding SPAM email in our inbox.  I’ve had more spam emails offering to enlatemprge my penis than I can count. And really, I am a woman, so yes, I suppose if I wanted a penis, I would want help enlarging it since I’m starting at zero after all.

But spam email isn’t limited to just penis enlargement ventures, there are all kinds of spam messages.  And, yes, there are days that I am frustrated with the volume of spam emails I need to delete in order to get to the few gems that are buried in the pile – the ones from ACTUAL people.  But there are other days when spam email gives me quite a bit of humor and the opportunity to stretch my brain a bit.

For example, my Monday would have started out completely differently if I hadn’t received this morsel of reading enjoyment:


I am kind, loving, opened-mind,caring and respectful to others. My name is Bella.I am a female, I was impressed when i saw your and will like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. In addition,i will like you to reply me through my private e mail box

Seriously, do you ever wonder why someone sends these spam emails?

  • What does the person sending this email out get out of this?  There was no link to click, no product to buy, no malware to download… just a seemingly random note.
  • Does this person just want to spread some cheer?  Make random strangers feel like they have a secret admirer? 
  • Does this person have a fetish with the delete button?
  • She’s respectful after all, just look at the first sentence, so it couldn’t be that she just enjoys causing a *squirrel* moment.  Distracting – oh say, me – from productive work to take time to write this post.  
  • What’s the point?

I don’t know that I’ll ever know, but thank you for the laugh, Bella and of course the exercise for my brain trying to imagine your motives.  I’m sure your email staved off my Alzheimer’s by a few days. What’s the funniest spam you’ve received recently? 

8 Responses to Should You Delete SPAM Emails?

  1. They’re hoping you will respond and they will now have proof of a working email address that they can spam the crap out of. Also, if you reply, your email provider will be less likely to block the email/mark it as spam.

    • Ah! Thanks for the insight Jessica. I truly had no idea why someone spent the time to send some of these. You’d think they’d at least use proper grammar!

  2. The funniest email I ever received was stating that my relative in Nigeria passed and left me 500,000.00! LOL! I have no relatives in Nigeria and I’m sure if I did they would not have left a relative that they have never met 500K!

    • Wouldn’t that be nice to have some *real* long lost relative leave you loads of money though?

      Yeah, no relatives in Nigeria or the Congo on my end either, although you’d never know based on the emails I receive!

  3. This was a fun read, Daria!.. Haha!… You are hilarious!… I agree the kind of spam that I receive goes along the lines you said.

    The funniest spam I received is when a guy and his wife left me 2 million pounds which they actually won but wanted to give to charity (Aww, how kind of them!.. :P). Somehow they got the idea that giving it to me. a total stranger, would be charitable :P… There was a link in the mail claiming it to be their interview with the local news being the winner and all! – Click *delete forever* – I had a laugh that day!

  4. LOL ~ This blog post was so funny. Don’t spammers have anything better to do? I know some of them are potential viruses but I wonder if the rest have something to do with money. Like Jessica said, they know your e-mail address is active if you reply or try to unsubscribe. What cracks me up the most is all the misspelling! Geeze. I get Viagra spam mail the most. Ugh.

    • I honestly can not figure out the point of some of them… truly, is it just boredom that makes people send these things out? If so, why do they seem to always have poor grammar?

      Maybe it’s a phishing scam like you said?

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