#WorkingMomChat The Extreme Overwhelm

#WorkingMomChat The Extreme Overwhelm

Working Mom BooksSo, I’ve been bouncing back and forth about my vision for Mom in Management.  While I enjoy writing about my kids and local events, I want to get back to more of the work/life balance issues and business issues that are important to all of us. There are a lot of blogs with parenting advice and as a working mom, I feel supported on my parenting ventures, but the working part of the working mom piece is not as well supported.

To help build that community and open the door for transparent discussions about the things affecting us, a few friends have joined forces to launch a weekly twitter party called #WorkingMomChat.

We are excited to have a guest tweeter for our inaugural chat – Emily Bennington, Author of Who Says It’s a Man’s World.  She’ll be giving away two copies of her book during the chat so tune in!

We are all balancing kids and careers and everything that comes along with both of those, so we understand it’s hard impossible to commit every week.  Even if you can’t make it tonight, please do put this chat on your calendar.  It’s weekly so we’d love you to drop in when you can and become part of our community.

#WorkingMomChat Details

When:  Weekly on Wednesday evenings 6 to 7 MST

Hashtag:  #WorkingMomChat

Topics:  The weekly discussion will pick one issue we all struggle with and give us a forum to share ideas and find solutions for each other.

The first two chats in the line up are about:

Tonight – 2/20 – Extreme Overwhelmed w/ Guest Emily Bennington,  Author of Who Says It’s a Man’s World: A Girl’s Guide to Corporate Domination

  • Q1: How can we track competing priorities at home and in the workplace? Is it helping or hurting our ability to prioritize tasks and build deeper relationships?
  • Q2: Social media is overwhelming. How should working mothers approach social media usage in today’s hyperconnected world?
  • Q3: Stress can be a good or bad thing. How can we develop skills that results in optimal stress where we are productive without the overwhelm?
  • Q4: For mothers who work from home, the family and work stress could come all at once. How can we snap out of stress-mode & become effective.
  • Q5: How best can we dominate the workplace with the enormous challenge we face as career-oriented moms?

Next week – 2/27 – Preschool Tips, Dos and Don’ts

Founder: Blessing Oshin, Working Mom Journal


Make sure to follow us on twitter – @DariaDG, @MommyWorksALot, @BossMomOnline, @WorkMomJournal and this week’s guest @EmilyBennington

Looking forward to seeing  you there!

By the way, what topics would you love to brainstorm with other fabulous women that GET it? 

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