Emergency!  For Lack of a Battery…

Emergency! For Lack of a Battery…

duracell battery smoke detector

See this?  This little 1 inch by 1/2 inch tiny piece of metal and wiring and whatever else makes up a battery?

THIS can cause or prevent an emergency.

You probably think I’m talking about preventing a fire and are thinking I’m headed toward a safety lesson, right?  You may even have started to tune out and are beginning to hear Charlie Brown’s mother in your head – wahwahwah  wahwahwah wahwah.  Yeah, that’s how I’d feel too.  But I’m not going there.

This isn’t a spiel about protecting your property and your family.  Well, kinda, but it has nothing to do about fires or fire prevention.

This post is about losing your mind one small step at a time.  It’s about bringing someone to their knees and turning them into a tight ball of quivering nerves surrounded by pillows and blankets, arms over their head, trembling in fear of the enemy’s next move.

Want to see a picture of my nemesis?  A small, easily underestimated adversary?  One that got the better of me earlier this week.  A force to be reckoned with, that kicked my butt without even breaking a sweat.  A foe that took a strong, capable woman and took her to the edge of sanity.  Yep, this nemesis of mine broke me.  Broke.  Me.

Here ya go.

fire alarm smoke detector


Uh huh.  Seems innocent, I know.

It has a very unassuming facade behind which it hides, and a great PR campaign that has convinced the masses this foe is actually a friend.  A friend with our best interest at heart.  A friend that is protecting us, not causing the slow erosion of our sanity.

BUT, consider said friend emitting a horribly irritating noise – a piercing noise – a sinus clearing noise.  Every 30 seconds – All.  Night.  Long.

Imagine rummaging through all four – yes four – junk drawers and not finding a single 9V battery in the house.

Imagine a dog that is nearly as tortured by this noise as I am.  A dog that whines in supplication begging for me to make it stop.  All.  Night. Long.

Imagine a 5 year old child getting a tremendous burst of energy because this noise won’t let her find that peaceful blanket of calm in which she quietly drifts off to sleep.  Imagine said child bouncing on your bed and talking about the fiend (aka smoke detector) and “Why does it make that noise?”  All.  Night.  Long.

Yep, this public service announcement has nothing to do with fires.  But for the sake of your sanity please keep extra 9V batteries in your house.  Do it for me.  So I can come over and borrow them in the middle of the night.  K?

This post brought to you by a tired, sleep deprived owner of no less than 3 extra 9V batteries that are being kept in one of the four junk drawers in her house.  Which one is anybody’s guess, but they are there.  Have no fear. 


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  1. Why is it that the batteries never die first thing in the morning when you can say, “oh, I’ll just pick one up while I’m at the store”???

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