Boy oh Boy! He’s 9…

My middle child, my son, is 9 today.  Could it really have been 9 years ago already when I saw  and held him for the first time? All 9lb 4oz of him.

happy birthday baby boy!Wow, it goes fast.

Did anyone feel the breeze from the wings of time as it flew by?

I have been amazed and proud and entertained and blown away by this little boy from the very beginning.  He is funny and smart and so incredibly athletic it’s crazy.  Give him a bat or ball or scooter or… and he’ll master it in a day.  He was riding a 2 wheel scooter at 18mo and his bike without training wheels at 3.

Splits games between goalie and striker.

But as amazing as his coordination and athleticism are, it’s his heart that captivates and amazes me.  I’ve never met a child with as much empathy as T.  He hears a baby crying in a store and he wants to find it so he can figure out what’s wrong.  His sister is getting in trouble for something and he’s telling me why it’s not her fault  – “She’s just a baby, mom.”

baby bunny rabbit
He was so concerned Mr. McFluffles was ok.

He loves with all his heart and nothing drives him more crazy than seeing something that he doesn’t think is fair.   It doesn’t even have to be something that affects him, it’s anything.  Anyone getting taken advantage of or not being treated justly upsets him.

He loves to cook and has mastered a few dishes on his own.  He learning to bake and recently discovered the deliciousness and ease of homemade Rice Krispy treats.

He’s goofy and loves to make people laugh.  He’s a hard worker, helps out all the time, and really pitches in whenever he sees someone that needs an extra hand.

do good running of the green
Volunteering for a good cause can be fun!

He loves Legos and Skylanders and really hopes he’s getting either a Kindle or an iPod Touch for his birthday.   Shhh… but he just might be!  He likes to figure out problems and build things both logically and creatively.  He loves games, but can be pretty competitive so hates losing.  Who doesn’t?

lego kidsfest
Lego Kidsfest on his 8th birthday.

The poor kid is sandwiched between two sisters that absolutely drive him crazy.  No question.  And yet he idolizes his older sister and pampers his little sister.  He even did C’s hair last week before school, packed her lunch and helped her pick out her “outfit” for the day.

brothers and sisters

What a good brother.

I have loved this boy since the first moment I held him.  He captured a part of my heart that will always be his no matter how big he grows.

He makes me proud on so many levels, with his loyalty, his bravery, the sweet, sweet soul he carries around inside him.  Not every one sees the softer side of T, he swaggers pretty well and holds his own in every sport.  He can play pretty rough at times, he just doesn’t know his own strength.  But his empathy and loving nature have been an intrinsic part of him from his first breath and just continue to grow and develop as he grows.

I can’t wait to see what he does with his life, what challenges he’ll conquer, the people he’ll love, the causes he’ll champion.  He’s amazing and I’m very lucky to be his mom.

I love you baby boy.  So, so, so much.

Love, Mom


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