How a Table Talk Topic Turned into a Mom WIN…

How a Table Talk Topic Turned into a Mom WIN…

My Mom Win moments are precious to me and one of my goals is to celebrate the positives, even if they are small or may not feel like a win to anyone else, so I’m sharing…

A Mom Win is when I think – Wow, I may be doing a good job here.  Most days I worry that I’m completely flubbing this whole parenting thing and wonder if the next knock on my door will be someone asking to take my Mom license away.  But last night I had a small sign that things may be going alright.

Mom Moments

My daughter is in 5th grade.  In Colorado, 5th grade means that toward the end of the year the kids learn about Growing and Changing.  I’m pretty sure they plan this at the end of the year so the kids won’t be distracted for the entire year by the giggles that ensue.   A crafty plan to give them the summer to get over the giggles and sideways glances at each other, the constant churning thoughts in their head of “He has that?  She’s gonna bleed from where?   This is?  Wuh?  Huh?) and get back to learning.

birds and the bees
by Tom Lindsay aka studioduplo

I remember this as Health and also recall feeling scarred for life after seeing up close photos of venereal diseases and a video of a baby being born.  I swear my legs didn’t uncross for years after that class.

From what I’ve seen and heard from my daughter and her friends, the schools have figured it out a bit better over the past 30 years.  I’ve been really impressed with how much information they cover, the depth they get into with both boys and girls, and how well my daughter has assimilated the information and is ready and willing to discuss it with me.

When I was her age?  I’d rather you peeled every single finger nail off with a pair of pliers than make me talk about this stuff with my parents.  Seriously, give me a slow painful death instead of that embarrassment.


One of the ways the school encourages discussions with parents is by sending the kids home with a Growing and Changing Table Talk Topic each night.  Last nights’ was:

How did you feel when you were pregnant with me?

We had a good laugh about my freak out when I realized there was an entire human being living inside of me.  Seriously, that is a weird concept isn’t it?  We also talked about my panic moment about half way through when I came to the realization that this baby had to come out.  There was no saying This was fun, but I change my mind.

Nope.  One way or another this kid was coming out of my body and from all information I could glean it was going to hurt.  Hurt badly.  Hurt worse than anything I’d ever experienced.  We also covered the cool stuff, like how I’d read up on what day she grew fingernails or had eyelashes, wondering what she’d look like or if she was a boy or girl, thinking about what life would be like once she arrived.

After all our girl talk, my daughter turned to me – we were laying in her bed chatting as I tucked her in for the night – and said:

I want 2 or 3 kids when I grow up.

My Mom Win

My heart stopped for a minute and I wish I had a picture of my face because I’m sure I could have submitted it next to the description of shock in the dictionary.

Why is this a Mom Win?

Most days I feel like I’m failing to teach my kids to love each other.  Most days I wonder if they’ll ever speak to each other again when they are no longer forced to live under the same roof.  Most days I question how much quarreling is “normal” and worry that we’ve passed the level that builds fond memories of sibling interaction and entered the zone of building resentment.

I want my kids to love each other.  I want them to be good friends as adults.  I want them to rely on and stick up for each other and enjoy each other’s company.

My daughter wanting to have siblings?  Her wanting to have 3 kids just like me?  HUGE.

It means that deep down she likes her family.  She likes the choices I made to give her 2 younger siblings.  She appreciates the family I’ve built and wants to have one of her own some day.

She likes the life I’ve given her enough that she wants to give it to her own kids.



Have you had any Mom Win moments lately?






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  1. This brings a big smile to my face. And the thing is, it takes a steady stream of mom wins (usually unacknowledged) to come up with an apparent one like this.

    Kudos to you both :-)

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