Proud Mama

Proud Mama

You know that birthday boy I just posted about earlier this week?  He made his mama proud yet again.   T’s sense of right and wrong and his need to stick up for the underdog amazes me and was shown once again this week.

The Dad of a little girl came up to me this week to let me know how grateful he was that my son stood up for his daughter.  A few of T’s friends were picking on her in an inappropriate manner and T told them to stop and then went and got her Dad when they wouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad kids.  They were just joking around and got caught up in the moment and acted inappropriately.  No one was hurt, but the little girl was younger than them and helpless in this situation to stop it.

It would have been easy for T to sit back and do nothing, to keep quiet and not risk making his friends mad at him.   But he didn’t.  He stood up for her and when that didn’t work he went to someone with the ability to make it stop.

That’s my boy.

Birthday Boy My Son

I’m so stinkin’ lucky to be his mom!

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