Glittery Pink Girl’s Bedroom Reveal!  #DisneyPaintMom (sponsored)

Glittery Pink Girl’s Bedroom Reveal! #DisneyPaintMom (sponsored)

There are some campaigns that make a huge impact on my family and expose me to products or ideas I may not have explored on my own.  This room makeover for my 5 year old daughter from Glidden Disney Paints and MomTrends, is one of those.  Actually, it may just be the best one I’ve ever been lucky enough to do.   Yes, I received compensation and a new princess comforter for participating, but the very best compensation of all (and one I would have paid them for) is seeing the excitement and joy on my daughter’s face.

The transformation is HUGE!  

And of course I took the before photos when her room was a disaster so it would make even more of an impact…

Original Bedroom

girls bedroom makeover girls bedroom makeover girls bedroom makeovergirls bedroom makeover

It was alright, but not a great reflection of Chloe’s pink princess personality…

New Bedroom Reveal

girls pink bedroom

She loves her new room so much I couldn’t get her off the bed to take the after shot.  :)  As you can tell, Chloe went for PINK in a big way.  There was no talking her into purple or teal, “PINK, Mom!”.  I’m glad I listened because she’s in little girl heaven with her new pink room.

What we did:

  • Colors:  After a few false starts, I painted over the existing green with this hot pink “Watermelon Smoothie” from Glidden on three walls.  On the fourth wall, I used a light pink “Butterfly Fly By” on top and Great Slate in “Geared Up Grey” on the bottom half of the wall separated by a chair rail.

pink butterfly girls bedroom chalkboard paint

  • Disney Specialty Finishes:  I couldn’t help myself and ended up using two specialty finishes instead of just one as originally planned.  I added some glam with All that Glitters which is a clear coat filled with sparkles that I used to add sparkle to the light pink and also to paint flight trails for the butterflies and fairies.  Then of course the Great Slate on the bottom half of Chloe’s long wall to turn the entire thing into a chalkboard.

    girls bedroom
    Delicate butterflies w/ glitter flight trails.
tinker bell glitter
Tink and glitter fairy dust. A MUST for a little girl’s room…

Tips:  I only bought a quart of each of these and would recommend buying a gallon of the All that Glitters to anyone wanting to use it for more than glitter trails.  To get the sparkle coverage even, it needs a few coats which I didn’t have enough paint to do with just a quart.  For the extra $10, I will buy the gallon next time. The Great Slate (aka chalkboard paint) went on SO smoothly!  It was super easy to paint with and two coats were enough for full coverage.  I love, love, love this paint and can’t say enough good things about it.  I will definitely be using it in other areas of the house. Tip – buy powderless chalk.  Sidewalk chalk creates a huge amount of powder on your floor that vacuums up easily, but gets annoying pretty quickly  The meant-for-indoor powderless chalk is definitely the way to go. Also, an easy way to keep track of the chalk and eraser is to use a stick on hook and hang a little bucket on the wall itself.

pink paint chalkboard paint
Chair rail, delicate pink and smoky gray.

Accessories: I bought a few new things and repurposed some old ones.  I took the ugly brown wardrobe and painted it white and added a glammed up full length mirror which all little princesses need to admire their ensemble.  White shelves were fancified with pink glitter and will hold treasures (once I get them hung on the wall correctly.)  Large glittery butterflies, white butterflies, mirrored butterflies and fairies add some texture for her flights of fancy.   The tree decal gives a focal point for her large wall ($19.99) and we added sparkly heart “leaves” to add some pizazz along with 3 fairies that fly around the room sprinkling fairy dust when Chloe goes to sleep. white bedroom wardrobeglitter mirrorDSCN0305glitter heart pinkglitter shelf glitter shelf

Princess Party Room Reveal

Chloe invited some friends over to celebrate her new room princess style.  Each girl received a tiara, a pair of wings, a wand, long pink hair and a princess balloon to take home.   Because it was a morning party, we served banana bread muffins with these cute princess doodads. banana bread muffins The girls jumped on the trampoline and pretended to fly.


Then they dressed up as their favorite princess character and drew princess pictures on Chloe’s new wall.  That was by far the favorite part of Chloe’s new room for the girls.

Disney princess party I heard quite a few “Ooh”s and “Aah”s from the girls, and their parents have been asking me where I got the paint, how easy it was to apply, etc.   I think more than a few people will be trying out the Great Slate and All that Glitters Disney paints for their daughters’ rooms in the near future.  I know I’ve been raving about it to everyone I know – I highly recommend it. The best part of the whole thing?  Chloe LOVES her new room so much that she’s slept in it every single night since the big reveal.  This is HUGE!  She sleeps in there, plays in there, hangs out and enjoys her new space that was custom made just for her.  She’s a happy little girl and that’s all I can ask for. Disclosure:  Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.   

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    • Thanks! Chloe loves it which is what I love the most. It is such a pretty princess room!! And the chalkboard is by far my favorite too. I love to see her practicing her writing, plus I can leave her love notes. :)

    • Thanks Gretchen! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :) It’s a little bright for my personal tastes, but Chloe is in heaven.

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