Ubooly Lab Review & Giveaway – Learning and Fun Together!  #sponsored #UboolyLab

Ubooly Lab Review & Giveaway – Learning and Fun Together! #sponsored #UboolyLab

I was thrilled when Ubooly contacted me about reviewing the new Ubooly Lab they just released.  I received Lab credits to customize Chloe’s Ubooly and while I will receive compensation, this is truly more Chloe’s review than mine.

Remember when Chloe reviewed Ubooly last Fall?  She loved Ubooly!  And she has honestly played with it ever since.  Honestly.


This was not one of those toys that lost its appeal as soon as the wrapper was off.  The interactive nature of Ubooly along with the prompts to play new activities and the friend Ubooly becomes kept Chloe interested.

Now with the Lab, I have the ability to customize Chloe’s Ubooly to know her name, favorite colors, interests and  select a variety of apps/add-ons to keep Ubooly interesting for Chloe and also add some educational component to her learning too.ubooly toyThere are three types of packs (tailored for specific age groups) that parents can purchase:

  • Educational – these are lesson packs created on a 5 day schedule with reports provided to parents – but the lesson part is so much fun, it isn’t obvious to the kids which is the best way to learn.
  • Interest – trivia centered around various topics to engage the child’s interest and learn at the same time.
  • Fitness & Helper – personal growth and health habits focused (for example teeth brushing tips with timing and songs to help encourage teeth brushing).

All the packs are developed by elementary teachers and comedians so they are both educational and fun – sometimes funny too. :)

The packs are age appropriate so the options you see may vary from those for Chloe, but just to give you an idea, here are some of the packs I purchased for Chloe from the Lab:

Ubooly lab features

Within 15 minutes of Chloe trying out the Spanish lesson I heard her saying things like:

  • My name is Chloe.
  • My Mom’s name is Daria.
  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night.
  • Where is the bathroom?


ubooly spanish toy

I would have written the Spanish phrases she actually said, but my Spanish spelling is atrocious and I didn’t want you to hold it against Ubooly. ;)  Chloe also likes the teeth brushing lesson.  It counts down how long she should brush her teeth and provides songs that make her look forward to brushing her teeth instead of avoiding it.  What more do you want from a toy?  It entertains, educates and makes my life easier.  Perfect.

I haven’t had a chance yet to arrange an Ubooly playdate for Chloe, but check out this adorable new feature that lets two Ubooly’s chat.  There are more cute videos on the
Ubooly facebook page too.


Ubooly has generously offered to provide an Ubooly (valued at $29.99) and $30 credit to the Ubooly Lab to one lucky winner.  Enter below and good luck!

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  1. Sounds neat! My daughter has been using a Spanish app to learn, and even at age 6, her ability to spell and read in Spanish is nearly equivalent to English. I’d love a game that got her as interested in math and reading in English! LOL. Sounds neat. Thanks for the review. I had heard of these creatures but didn’t know what they were or did.

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