Is Chewing Gum GOOD for Kids? #sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Orbit for Kids. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Orbit for Kids Teeth Brushing

I’ll get straight to the answer you’re seeking and say “Yes!”

Sugarless gum, like Orbit for Kids, can be a weapon in your dental hygiene arsenal and is actually ADA approved.  It compliments your regular brushing, flossing and mouth rinse activities by:

  • Cleaning your mouth of food debris.
  • Helps remove plaque.
  • Strengthens teeth.

Bonus was that my kids LOVED the strawberry banana flavor.  We haven’t tried the Original Bubble Gum flavor yet, but I’m sure it’s good too.

Sugarless gum  

The Reality of Brushing Teeth

sugarless gum and teeth health
Compliments your dental hygiene routine.

Plus, there are times the kids’ teeth just plain aren’t going to get brushed.  That is reality.  

Before you freak out and exclaim that would never happen in your house, I admit that it IS possible to make sure teeth are brushed twice a day.  It is possible – yes.  Is it realistic? No.  

Some examples from my life recently:

  • Camping
  • Late night watching fireworks when the kids crashed in the car on the way home.  Is it worth waking them up to brush their teeth?  Not a chance.
  • The morning we overslept and the fact they had on shoes and clothes not readily identified as PJ’s was an accomplishment. 

Being able to have Orbit for Kids gum available to help clean their teeth was fabulous.  My only complaint?  The 14 pieces per pack didn’t last very long because the kids liked it so much! :)

camping in colorado estes park
Camping in Estes Park Summer 2013


Gum Makes Kids Happy

I love the responses when I told my threesome to pack their gum instead of a toothbrush for camping.

You are the BEST Mom ever!!

This is awesome!

Who ARE you and what did you do with my mother?

That last one may have been from the tween – she’s getting a bit sassy lately.  

I also KNEW my kids would crash in the car on the way home from fireworks, so giving them a piece of gum to chew while watching the fireworks was fabulous.  Their teeth may not have been as clean as if I’d woken them up to brush their teeth at home, but they were cleaner than doing nothing, plus I avoided having my shins kicked or my eardrums shattered with the screams of sleep deprived babes being forced to wake up.

I’m not suggesting you replace teeth brushing with Orbit for Kids – at all.  But even with brushing morning and night, I think it would be a good idea to give my daughter something after eating this mess…

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