School Uniforms – Good Idea?

School Uniforms – Good Idea?

I have a 3rd grader (girl) and a 1st grader (boy) – also two highschool stepsons – all in public school.  Many of my peers have decided to send their kids to charter or private schools and one of the first things they cite as a positive is having school uniforms.  I’m not sure how I feel about this…

On the one hand, it certainly makes getting ready in the morning easier!  I imagine it would also eliminate the arguments I have with my 8 year old daughter about the appropriateness of her clothing choices.  No, I don’t think belly shirts, short-shorts or heels are ok.  Why do we have to have this conversation repeatedly?


On the other hand, I wonder if wearing uniforms lends itself to bowing to authority more readily?  Does choosing your own clothing encourage independence and a stronger sense of self?  Is it good to encourage expressing yourself through your own sense of style?

I don’t know.  I often feel like there is a corporate uniform that I need to wear at work.  Dresses in a meeting?  Not unless it has a straight skirt and is navy or black.

Are we giving our kids an advantage by teaching them to understand the “uniforms” they will be required to wear at an early age?  Or should they stumble through the clothing mine field on their own, like I did?

Have your kids worn uniforms?  If so, what were the pros and cons?

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  1. In Australia, almost every single school (both public, private, all kinds) have a uniform, so one of the best things for my kids was moving to the US, where they could wear their own clothes! Some uniforms are great – if they’re easily washable, and inexpensive. Others are exactly the opposite. I lost too many friday nights ironing too many pleats, trousers, shirts… (My kids went to private schools with ties, hats – the lot).
    Turns out my kids tend to create their own ‘uniform’ anyway – the same clothes worn in rotation.

    • So, I take it you are in favor of your own clothes? I wonder how much of people saying uniforms are the way to go has to do with uniforms being a status symbol of some sort? Like, we are upper class – or something? Hadn’t considered that before…

  2. My eldest is entering kindergarten in Sept and all public schools in my town require uniforms – equality rational that promotes learning rather than competition. I’m scared for her because she is painfully shy and really uses her clothes as her expression. She’s going to HATE wearing blue and white polo shirts!

  3. I would like to see uniforms in the public school that my daughter attends. I feel like there would be more learning and less distraction on wardrobe. I also feel that kids would see each others personalities rather than their status, attitudes or other expressions that clothing can make. I do not believe that girls should be made to wear skirts though, that should be an option.

    One thing that I do implement in my “mom rules” is that my daughter cannot wear clothing with words on it to school. Then I don’t have to fight over this shirt is okay and the next on not okay. We save those shirts for the weekends and for the court — since she is a tomboy.

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