Pros and Cons of Driving the B.A.T.-mobile

Pros and Cons of Driving the B.A.T.-mobile

Ford Truck F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

The judge in my divorce had a quirky sense of humor and decided to treat my ex and I like I do with my kids occasionally.  Basically he said:

“You say his truck is worth more than he does.  He says your truck is worth more than you do.

 So, I’ll give you his truck at what you say it’s worth and him your truck at what he says it’s worth.”

That’s how I wound up in possession of this Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab V10 TRUCK.

Or as I’ve dubbed it – the:

Big.  Ass.  Truck.

aka BAT-mobile.

After a couple of months of driving the BATmobile, I thought I’d share some observations with you.

Pros and Cons of Driving a Big Ass Truck

Pro:  Men look at me A LOT when I drive the truck.

Con:  Pretty sure they are looking at the actual truck.

Pro:  I can haul all our camping stuff, or even a baby elephant if kidnapping one weren’t illegal.

Con:  I need to inherit a small oil field to feed the gas guzzling beast (avg 10mpg).

Pro:  People get out of my way when they see me coming.

Con:  I’m pretty sure its because they know I have the turning radius of a semi-truck.

Pro:  I can sell the truck fairly quickly.

Con:  Nope, no real con to that one.

Pro:  I get a lot more exercise driving the truck.

Con:  Because I can’t actually pull into most parking spaces due to aforementioned turning radius disability so end up parking WAY far away from wherever I’m going.

Pro:  A petty part of me is happy I got his truck, the one I originally bought him to salve his ego after the minivan.

Con:  It’s his truck.  Every time I drive it, that’s what I think.

Pro:  I can buy furniture at garage sales or thrift stores without thinking about how I’m going to get it home.

Con:  That logistics step has saved me from buying random crap I didn’t need.

Pro:  I can haul mulch and other landscaping materials and save the delivery charge.

Con:  Then I have to do something with it.  My back is not pleased.

Pro:  Driving a batmobile makes me a superhero, right?

Con:  Apparently my trusty sidekick has been kidnapped by the Joker. 

I’m sure there are a ton more Pros and Cons that I’m forgetting right now.  Can you think of any?  Which one is your favorite?

9 Responses to Pros and Cons of Driving the B.A.T.-mobile

  1. I love this, I didn’t realize all of that about the truck but I did notice how huge it was when I saw you in it! I love pretty girls in trucks!

  2. haha! I occasionally drive my husband’s Toyota Tundra. I literally have to climb into it similar to the way a mountain climber climbs a mountain.

    Great post!

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