Trash Service Cost Comparison for Denver Area

Trash Service Cost Comparison for Denver Area

I received a quarterly bill yesterday for trash pick up that irritated me.  Yes, all bills are pesky and aren’t something to look forward to, but the ones that are higher than expected are exceptionally annoying.

Even more annoying is that I JUST price shopped trash last quarter and although it was slightly higher ~ $8/quarter, prices were pretty darn close so I chose to go with Waste Management.  The thing is, this quarter the price is no longer close – check out all these hidden fees that weren’t disclosed when I price shopped.

trash service


That previous total I paid?  INCLUDED prorated service from before the quarter plus a quarter of service.

I called Waste Management and said I was concerned with the price increase and they were unwilling to change the quarterly charge.

So, I called around and here are my cost comparison results so you don’t have to go through the effort:

Waste Management 303-797-1600

  • Trash only – $70.94 per quarter
  • Trash + Recycle – $82.94 per quarter
  • No container provided.

Republic/Allied – 303-286-1200

  • Trash only – $66 per quarter
  • Trash + Recycle – $86 per quarter
  • Comes with container
  • Website

Total Disposal – 303-374-0234

  • Trash – $82.25 for first 6 months (current special) then regular rate of $51.25 per quarter
  • Recycling not offered
  • Website

Packman Disposal – 303-288-5279 (BEST PRICE)

  • Trash only – $60 for first 6 months (current special) then regular rate of $53.25 per quarter
  • Trash + Recycle – $65.25 per quarter
  • They used to have senior rates, not sure if they still do though.
  • Website

I  decided to go with Total.  Yes, that means I’m going to ditch the recycling but we already recycle aluminum and I have a recycling container at work I can use now that I’m driving the BATmobile (check out how that came about in this post).

Total I will save in the next 12 months by making a few calls?  $147

Not bad for 30 minutes of calling around.

**UPDATE – Total called and said they made a mistake and don’t actually service my area.  I called Packman to set up service and they said they are currently running a $60 for first 6 months special!  Total saved by switching from Waste Management to Packman over next 12 months?  $165!! 


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  1. It’s good to price shop insurance and other services that you can choose – electric and water usually can’t be chosen – but trash, internet, cable, phone, car insurance, house insurance, etc. – once a year or so.

  2. Not sure if they service your area but we went with The Garbage Man because of pricing and services over any other that service our area. Anyway you look at it, $165.00/ yr in savings is huge in my book :-)

  3. We did that when we first moved out here. In Atlanta all your trash/recycling is through the city so there is no need to cost compare. We started at WM and switched to Garbage Man. It’s $53/quarter and that includes our recycling twice a month.

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