Gas for $2.74 a Gallon? YES!  Here’s How…Safeway 4x Fuel Rewards #sponsored

Gas for $2.74 a Gallon? YES! Here’s How…Safeway 4x Fuel Rewards #sponsored

Remember last week’s post about how I came into possession of the BATmobile?  It was all about the pros and cons of driving a Big Ass Truck (BAT). If you recall, needing to inherit a small oil producing nation in order to salve the hunger of the gas guzzling beast was one of the cons.  

Shocking I know, but 9 or 10 mpg?   Seriously wallet busting.

As you can imagine, I am all for saving money and lessening the financial gut punch I receive every time I fill this sucker up. With that in mind, you can probably guess (or may have seen on Instagram) how excited I was to get gas for $2.74 a gallon last week! fuel points on gas Do you hear the angels singing?  My truck takes about 24 gallons and this was $0.70 off per gallon due to fuel points.  That’s almost $17 dollars I saved filling up the tank!  I don’t know about you, but I want to save that kind of money EVERY time I fill up. And here’s how I’m working on doing that…

Safeway 4x Fuel Points Event

From now until Labor Day, you can earn 4x fuel points when you buy gift cards at Safeway. FOUR TIMES!   Up to $1 off per gallon! To get BETTER than the deal I got last week all you have to do is buy $200 in gift cards.

$200 in gift cards = $0.80 off per gallon.   $250 in gift cards = $1.00 off per gallon (the max you can get off per fill up)

Don’t think gift cards can only be used as gifts.  There are so many gift cards available that you can use them where you normally shop – spend the same as usual – but get the fuel points on top of it.  Look at this selection… Safeway 4x Fuel Points   I’ll share how I’m using my gift cards to give you some ideas:

  1. Think back to school shopping. There are retailers galore – Old Navy, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Macys, Talbots, Forever 21 – to name a few.  
  2. My mom is coming next week and we always have Outback on Friday night when she’s here.  I have my Outback gift cards ready to go. 
  3. My son has a birthday party for his friend tomorrow.  What 10 year old won’t be thrilled to get an iTunes gift card? 
  4. I used a Target gift card tonight to get butterfly bandaids, cat food and a few other odds and ends.  It seems like I never make it out of there for less than $50.  That $50 gift card was simple to use, didn’t cost me a penny because I would have spent that much at Target anyway, but I get the bonus of saving $0.20 off per gallon because of it next time I fill up.

Starbucks, AMC theatres, Coldstone, IHOP, PF Changs, Applebees, Amazon, Chili’s… Check out the selection next time you are in Safeway and buy enough gift cards to cover your typical expenses or any upcoming gifts.   Then just watch the price roll back at the pump.  It’s a good feeling and you don’t have to drive a BATmobile to appreciate saving at the pump.  :) Disclosure:  I received gift cards in exchange for this post. 

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