Weight Loss Wednesday – Sharing My *Before* Pictures

Weight Loss Wednesday – Sharing My *Before* Pictures

It’s been awhile since I posted a weight loss post.  Partly because I was ignoring the numbers on the scale, partly because I was embarrassed I was gaining instead of losing weight, partly because I wasn’t sure I wanted the accountability…

…and a whole lot of other reasons excuses.  

All the while I’ve been drooling on Instagram over the transformation photos people are posting.  Have you heard of Transformation Tuesday or Throwback Thursday? Check out those tags (#tbt) to see amazing side by side before and after pictures of losing weight and getting fit.

I’m jealous.   Green with envy.  Pissed at myself.  Because this is what I used to look like, even after my first child.

2003 beach family pic

I’m embarrassed that my transformation pictures would be the opposite of those I’m seeing.  Mine would be more of a “Oh, see how great I looked before?  Please don’t look at me now.” kind of comparison, instead of the kind that inspires “Wow, you look great!”  “Tell me your secret!”  “How did you do it?” kind of comments.

But these real life stories of people that have done it, have succeeded, have stuck to it – are also inspiring.

I want my weight loss pictures to be amazing.   I want to share my side by side weight loss pictures and be able to be all “Damn, I look good, huh?”

I want pride in my body and I want my sexy back.  

So, I’m diligently snapping my “before” pictures.  Not my actual before pictures, but my now pictures that will someday be my before photos.  Photos to document all the hard work and progress I’m about to make.

What spurred this motivation on?  

This past week I officially hit the highest weight I’ve ever weighed.  E.V.E.R.  Not even once during all 3 pregnancies did I hit these #’s on the scale.lose weight

So, I was snapping my going to be before weight loss shots and tucking them away to pull out and show you once I’ve gotten into shape.

But, I changed my mind.  I’m not going to wait until I have shiny, pretty photos of how far I’ve come before sharing my before pictures.   

Yes, this is about me and my weight loss, but it’s also about you and others who have a fitness goal that need a hand up.  I’m hoping by sharing my struggles (and hopefully success) I can help encourage you.  None of us start out fit and thin and tan and toned.  Not when we’re Googling “How to lose weight” and “Secrets to Weight Loss”.  

How many of us Googling for motivation and help losing weight are comparing our bodies to the fit and toned ones that pop up?  How many are feeling discouraged and ashamed of how fat and out of shape we’ve gotten?  And let’s not get into the “I’m bigger than she is.” or “How can she complain she’s only XX lbs overweight.”

This journey is individual.  My weight loss struggle will look different than yours and yours will look different than the next person’s.  But although individual, it doesn’t have to be alone.

It’s not about what other people look like.  It’s not about what other people have done.

It’s about you and me.  It’s about putting one foot in front of the other and doing better today than we did yesterday.

one foot in front of the other

It’s realizing we are not the only ones that may have a win followed by a back slide.  It’s about two steps forward and sometimes 1 step back.  And to be honest, lately I’ve felt it’s more of a one step forward and two steps back.

But that doesn’t mean give up.   It means dig my heels in, dig through all the emotional dirt to find  my motivation to lose weight and start putting one foot in front of the other faster than I can slide backwards.

If I wait until I’ve already gone through this, if I wait until I’m all brand new and glowing then I’m not really sharing the struggle with you.  It’s not real.

That’s what I’m committing to here.  To be real.  To be honest with you and with myself.  To share the ugly, not just the pretty.

And I’d love to have you join me on this journey.  Let’s do this together!

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Being Real – My Weight Loss Before Picture

The moment of truth…how to lose weight


Weight Loss Plan

Will you join me?  Will you help me stay on track and stay motivated to create my “after” pictures?

Next week I plan to show you where I am now, progress made and the choices I’ve made that are helping and those that are hurting too.  Tools, tips, recipes, motivational words and pinterest boards – they are all part of this.  I’d love to have you share motivational pictures, recipe and sayings with me too!

Please feel free to share via any of the platforms I participate in and if you want to join the Empty the Trunk Facebook Group I formed so we can chat and share privately, please ask to join.

The other ways to participate and motivate me (and you too if you have a weight loss or fitness goal) include:

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 Let’s DO this!

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