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If you are looking to expand your repertoire of hands-on skills, I highly recommend the free training provided by Home Depot.  I attended their tiling class and used the skills I learned to tile 2 kitchens and 9 bathrooms  ~ not all at once of course. 

 The instructor was very knowledgeable and very easy to understand.  Plus the staff is wonderful about answering questions and helping with the things that come up as you delve into your project.   

1.   Mostly what I appreciated?   Gaining the confidence to attempt a home improvement project on my own. 

 Prior to taking this class, the most I had attempted was faux painting and hanging a picture or two.  Go from that to taking on 2 fix and flips – start to finish?  Amazing.  I credit most of it to this Home Depot course that got me started.  

2.  Second reason I like these courses…. I am on the computer at work A LOT.  The majority of my day is guiding staff, making phone calls, e-mails, and sitting in meetings.  I often ask myself “What did I do today?”   There are rarely tangible products to my work – at the most there may be meeting minutes or a report.  But something to point at and say I did that?  Not too often. 

This has led me to really appreciate home projects.  It is empowering and extremely rewarding to see progress and tangible results.   At the end of the day, I can look at my project and see the progress ~ whether it is 3 scrapbook pages, or a wall of tile, or maybe a new coat of paint – I am proud of what I’ve done.  

3.  Even if you hire a Contractor, the class is worth taking.  Are you thinking of hiring a Contractor to make some improvements around the house?  These courses will give you enough knowledge to say “Bulls***”  if your Contractor tries to milk you for money. 

4.  It doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Not all of the classes they offer are training you to tear down and build a house from scratch.  For example, there is a Martha Steward Living Decor workshop featured on September 30th.  I imagine it will only be women, you may make some friends, and you will get a free project organizer if you register on-line before the class.  The link is right here →

Some of the other classes I’ve seen them offer include:

  • How to lay a hardwood floor
  • Faux painting techniques
  • Gardening tips and tricks

What home project have you tackled of which you are most proud?  How did you learn the skills you needed? 

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