Weight Loss Wednesday – Setting Goals

Weight Loss Wednesday – Setting Goals

This is Weight Loss Wednesday, so obviously I’d like to lose weight.

I mean it’s obvious, right?  Last week I fessed up that I’m the heaviest I’ve ever weighed , so yes, I want to lose these extra pounds (74 of them to be exact – yikes!).

However, in addition to losing weight, I think that having other goals is motivating.  Sometimes the scale simply doesn’t respond the way we expect and can be discouraging, but if you can focus on areas where you’ve seen success (such as getting more fit), it helps keep you motivated.  

running with my dog to lose weight
From an Instagram post (coloradodaria)

So here are my other goals:

Goals – Not Just Weight Loss

  1. Be able to run a 5K without walking.
  2. Wear smaller clothes.  (End goal is size 8, but each size down is a win.)
  3. Learn new recipes that my kids like and that are healthy. (7 to 10 go-to recipes that work on week nights.)
  4. Get organized.  (Getting my house together, getting my life together, getting a plan of action.)
  5. Feel comfortable wearing shorts.  (I hate my knees.)
  6. Lose inches.
  7. Pay attention to my appearance.  (Sometimes I think, why bother putting on makeup or nice clothes when I’m so big?  But trying helps boost my mood which helps lose weight etc., so I’m making figuring out my style a goal.)

Progress on Goals

1) Run a 5K:  I’ve been following the Couch to 5K Running Plan for the past 12 weeks.  I started on Week 2 since I was picking it back up instead of starting from scratch.  If you do the math you would see I should be done with the program, but I’ve had a couple weeks that have been doozies and that I’ve repeated until I could complete the assigned times without walking.

Such as Week 4 and then Week 5.

weight loss exercise program

This week I’m on Week 6.   So I’ve gone from being able to run 1.5 min without walking to running 20 minutes straight!  Ok, running is optimistic because it implies a certain amount of speed, but I am jogging without stopping.

I post on Instagram when I run so I can stay accountable.

3) New Recipes:  I’ve found a few meals that are healthier and that my kids like such as

carnitas pork in a crock pot

6) Lose Inches

Since I started running I lost:

bust:  2 inches

waist:  1.5 inches

hips:  0.5 inches

thigh:  0.5 inches

What does this tell me?  Tangible proof I DO lose my boobs much more easily than my butt.  Doesn’t seem fair somehow.

No progress to speak of for my other goals to wear smaller clothes (same size), wear shorts (legs are still too “cheesy”), get organized, or find a style.  

Weight Loss

Starting on September 1st:

  • Week 1:  -2.4lbs
  • Week 2:  -5.0 lbs (started low carb program)
  • Week 3:  -2.0 lbs
  • Total:  -9.4 lbs

Weight Loss = 9.4 lbs.  

Goal to lose 64.8 more pounds.

Upcoming Goals

Now that I’ve played catch up and am current on my weight loss and exercise ability I intend to break down my goals into smaller week size increments.

My goals for this week include:

  • Run Couch to 5K 3 times. (one time is done)
  • Run a minimum of 22 miles in September (tracking on Runkeeper).
  • Lose 2+ pounds.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Create a planner for organizing my house/exercise/food.
  • Get to the dentist for fluoride treatment, cleaning and sealants.  (Part of taking care of myself).

My goals for next month – October – include:

  • Complete this 30 day lunge challenge. (join our Empty the Trunk Facebook Group if you want to participate.)
  • Lose 7+ pounds.
  • Sign up for a 5K.
  • Buy 2 new wardrobe pieces for my new style.
  • Finish at least 2 organizational projects.
  • Try 2 new recipes minimum.
  • Select and meet with surgeons for my hip and another procedure.

What about YOU?

I’d love to do this as a group instead of all alone, so please leave your instagram or pinterest or facebook page or wherever you are participating most and staying accountable.  I’d love to follow you and get encouraged.

Also, please feel free to either link up a post where you’re keeping track of your goals, or write them in the comments below.  Writing them down and sharing somehow does more for accountability than keeping them in your head.

If you have recipes you love  – please share!  Also, tell me how I can help YOU meet YOUR goals.  What motivates you?  What kind of accountability or positive reinforcement works for you?

Tell me and I’ll do my best to help.

Follow along and participate please – here are some of the links:

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