Weight Loss Weigh-In – Progress Not Perfection

Weight Loss Weigh-In – Progress Not Perfection

One of the phrases that resonates with me and helps keep me motivated on my weight loss journey lately is:

Progress not Perfection

For me, having progress be the goal rather than a number on the scale or a beach ready body allows some bad days and some smaller steps and some – “Meh, I just feel like walking today.” moments.

But at the same time it keeps me motivated to do something even if it’s small.

It gets me out the door for that first step by saying to myself “Even once around the block is better than nothing.  So today isn’t going to be a 4 mile day – o’well – that doesn’t mean I can’t do something.

one step at a time running photo

So that’s my challenge to you – what motivates you to keep going?  Not hit it hard.  Not the fast burn that burns out as quickly as it revved you up.  But the steady endurance to get to the finish line.   What is that for you?

Progress on Goals

1) Exercise:  I did it.  I ran my Couch to 5K 3 times and I stomped my monthly mileage goal – 32.4 miles running for the month and 40.1 miles total!  I am so stinking proud of these numbers it’s ridiculous.

Follow my posts on Instagram if you want to keep each other accountable.

2) New Recipes:  I tried a baked egg with bacon dish variation that I LOVED.  I haven’t posted the recipe yet, but here is a picture to show you the deliciousness.

muffin tin baked eggs with bacon


3)  Weight Loss (Week 4): -1.2 lbs (a little shy of my 2+lb goal).

  • Week 1:  -2.4lbs  |Week 2:  -5.0 lbs |  Week 3:  -2.0 lbs

Weight Loss Total = 10.6 lbs.  

Goal to lose 63.6 more pounds.

Goals – Did I or Didn’t I?

My goals for last week  went pretty darn well – not perfect, but progress:

  • Run Couch to 5K 3 times – done!
  • Run a minimum of 22 miles in September – done! (tracking on Runkeeper).
  • Lose 2+ pounds – a little shy of this goal, but at least it was down.
  • Avoid alcohol – sure did!
  • Create a planner for organizing my house/exercise/food – didn’t get there.
  • Get to the dentist for fluoride treatment, cleaning and sealants.  (Part of taking care of myself)- done!

My goals for next month – October – include:

  • Complete this 30 day lunge challenge. (join our Empty the Trunk Facebook Group if you want to participate.)
  • Lose 7+ pounds.
  • Sign up for a 5K.
  • Buy 2 new wardrobe pieces for my new style.
  • Finish at least 2 organizational projects.
  • Try 2 new recipes minimum.
  • Select and meet with surgeons for my hip and another procedure.

What about YOU?

I’d love to do this as a group instead of all alone, so please leave your instagram or pinterest or facebook page or wherever you are participating most and staying accountable.  I’d love to follow you and get encouraged.

Also, please feel free to either link up a post where you’re keeping track of your goals, or write them in the comments below.  Writing them down and sharing somehow does more for accountability than keeping them in your head.

If you have recipes you love  – please share!  Also, tell me how I can help YOU meet YOUR goals.  What motivates you?  What kind of accountability or positive reinforcement works for you?

Tell me and I’ll do my best to help.

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