Help Kids Prevent, Stop and Cope with Bullying

Help Kids Prevent, Stop and Cope with Bullying

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Bullying scares me.

It has taken too many lives too soon.  Often not directly, but as the last straw that convinced a kid suicide is the answer.  It’s heartbreaking.

Five teens connected to people I know killed themselves in the past 18 months.   Thankfully they weren’t directly kids I knew personally, but still, five kids that won’t have a chance to learn the world is so much more than just the few hundred kids in their school.

I’m scared.  I don’t want my kids to get caught by a bully in a vulnerable part of their lives.  I don’t want them to ever feel powerless and unworthy and small.  I don’t ever want them to think suicide is the answer.

To stem this tide of bullying, we need to come together as a community and work hard as parents to give our children the confidence and skills to deal with bullying.  We also to make sure they are raised with empathy so they don’t turn into the bully.

Whenever I can, I participate in Bullying Prevention Campaigns.  This one is heartwarming and I highly recommend you check it out at  Here’s the scoop:

Green Giant has partnered with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help kids learn how to prevent, stop and cope with bullying.   Their mission is so nicely summed up below:

Being a giant isn’t about being the biggest or the best. It’s about finding your inner courage to rise above the crowd and do what is right. It means using your voice to stand up for others, which sometimes may mean standing up to your own friends.

This is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about bullying and start them thinking about what they can do and how they can help one another.  Take the time to watch the video together and then maybe even write your own letter to your kids and share it with them.

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