Guest Post: Ways to Save on Groceries Without Coupons

  • Thank you Budget Savvy Diva for the amazing guest post!  This article is chock full of great advice…

1.     Did you know that the highest markup items on the shelves are at about chest level because it is the perfect height for you to just reach out and pick it up? So reach up or kneel down to select the cheaper house or generic brands.
2.       Don’t waste money on prepared foods. Instead, prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them, or double a recipe when cooking, and freeze the second for a hectic day coming up.
3.       Try and shop early in the day. You get through the store faster with your list and spend less.
4.      Avoid shopping for food when you’re hungry; you’ll buy more.
5.      Avoid purchasing nongrocery items, such as painkillers, contact lens solution, etc., at a grocery store. You usually pay more.
6.      Don’t be fooled by familiar products, such as cereal, that have decreased package sizes while keeping prices constant, the food industry’s latest response to rising costs.
7.       Buy on the markdowns and save as much as 20 percent
8.      Trim your food bill by as much as 19 percent simply by shopping at a couple of different stores.
9.      Check your receipts. No matter how careful you or the store staff might be, mistakes can happen.
10.   Know when your store marks down goods (usually a Wednesday for grocery stores) that expire, like meat and bread. The deal: Use them that night or freeze them.

For more tips and tricks to save money the easy way make sure to check out Budget Savvy Diva.

Please send her a twitter @budgetsavvydiva or leave a comment on her page letting her know you read this article.  She’ll really appreciate the feedback and so will I!

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  1. Hi,

    I definitely shop at a few different stores to save money. I’m a coupon clipping machine and have a great little coupon organizer in my purse. Many times I save more than I spend once I get my receipt. I’d love to guest host sometime. I’m actually starting a project January 21st where I compile all the receipts I have and total out all the savings I made while shopping sales and clipping coupons. :)

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

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