Intentional Living in 2014 – “Goals” Check In

Intentional Living in 2014 – “Goals” Check In

Goals, Resolutions, Focus, Aims – all different words to say the same thing.  What do we want to improve?  What do we want to prioritize and give our energy to this year?

For me, the areas I want to focus on being Intentional in 2014 include:

  • Fitness & Health
  • Organizing My Home
  • Finances
  • Blogging
  • Parenting
  • Foods We Eat
  • Self Improvement

Fitness and Weight Loss

I mentioned in my last post how I intend to work on Fitness and Health.  It was so extensive it took an entire post of its own!

Since then, I have 2 exciting things to share:

  1. I was cleared to go running again!
  2. I was selected as a Fitfluential Ambassador!

On the running – so far so good.  I managed to jog 3 times last week – woohoo!  Hopefully I’ll keep it up.  In other exercise news I’ve done the morning yoga pretty consistently – closer to 3 times a week than 4 – but still.  The hiccup with this is my extensive travel schedule lately.  It’s affecting my ability to stick to eating goals too.  Mid-course correction is warranted – this month’s goal?  Figure out how to adapt for travel.

The Fitfluential Ambassadorship – I’m so excited!  I have very little idea what it will mean exactly, but I know it will help with motivation. I’ll keep you posted.

FitFluential Is Fitness Found

 Other Goals

Organizing My Home – I have lived in my house for almost 4 years now and it still feels like I never moved in.  There are construction things that need to be done that have been needing to be done for the past 4 years.  Then there are the decorating finishes that make a house a home – more than just seeing discarded socks and backpacks on the floor. ;)  My goals for this year are to complete one “project” a month until I get all of these loose ends tied up.  Timing will be dependent on funds for some of the larger ones, but things I can do for under $100?  No excuses.

Finances – My divorce left me with quite a bit of debt and depleted retirement funds.  My goal for 2014 is to pay off all credit card debt and develop a budget for moving forward that allows me to meet my retirement savings and college account goals while also having fun.  First up?  File 2011, 2012, and 2013 taxes.  Yes, you read that right.  For many reasons, mostly related to my marriage and divorce, they haven’t been filed for the past 2 years.

BloggingI want to identify my goals for blogging – is it to make money?  Is it to develop influence?  Do I want a community? What are my goals and their priorities?  Then I need to create a plan for achieving those goals.  I also want to redesign my blogs, update them to be “spiffier” and commit to a posting schedule that is more consistent than it has been.  Weekly at a minimum.  A blogging conference is hopefully in the works for 2014 also.

Parenting – My kids are amazing, talented, sweet, challenging…  And growing up waaaay too fast.   My oldest?  Only 6 more years with her!  Ack!  I want to create positive memories with my kids in the time I have with them. I want to make sure their childhoods are filled with treasured moments.    I often get caught up in the managing part of parenting – homework, dinner on the table, showers taken, sports driven to, etc. – and leave out the more important part of connecting with my kids.  This year I plan to have family game night once a week (starts tonight with Monopoly Junior), take at least one vacation every year, and try to make my kids laugh at least once every day.

kids in a totem pole


Foods We Eat – Our schedules are so busy that I’ve relied on fast food and frozen pizza a lot.  And it shows.  I want to find 10 vegetables all the kids like – even my picky eater – and strive to have at least one vegetable served per day.  So far edamame, roasted broccoli (SO good!), asparagus, artichokes, and sauteed carrots with cilantro are working for everyone.  I also want to up our protein intake, reduce our carbs, and encourage fruit for snacks – basically be more intentional with what we are eating.  There’s that word again! ;)

Self Improvement – This one is still murky for me.  When I think about it though, I keep coming back to feeling like I’ve been swallowed by my Mom role and that I need more focus on Me.  Not employee, not friend, not parent, not daughter – but who do I want to be?  What energizes my soul?

I’m feeling like this may mean pursuing a creative hobby, paying attention to my appearance, setting a frequency goal for doing fun things that don’t involve my kids, ????.  I’m not quite sure how this will shake out yet.  I just know I want to fuel my passions and find ME again.  Not just me, but a better, more interesting me than ever before.   Anyone else have this goal?

Phew, ok, so those are my goals and my road map for meeting them in 2014.  What goals do you have?  Any suggestions for me on how to achieve any of mine?  Things I’ve left out?

9 Responses to Intentional Living in 2014 – “Goals” Check In

  1. Well, I should tell you that your original post on this subject has inspired me and made “intentional” one of my go-to words, as well.

    I love reading your thoughts on each category, and I’m cheering you on in each area. I gulped when you said only 6 more years with the eldest. Yikes. Me, too, and this is just one reason to make each moment count.

  2. This is great, Daria- thanks for sharing this. It is inspiring me as well. Sticking to the resolutions is the hardest part and it is good to have measurable goals. YOU GO GIRL!

  3. Wow this is really inspirational. I’ve been trying to work on a lot of the same things you’ve mentioned. What a great way to write it all down and work on each piece, vs just keeping a running list in your head. Like Lori mentioned, it makes it all “intentional.”

    I’m also cheering you on and I know you will make it. You are an extraordinary person!

    • Thanks Susan! I’m curious if I’ve inspired you to start any projects/goals of your own? :) My project today is to clean out my cupboards and list some items on eBay – if they don’t sell I’m donating them next week. Ah, Spring Cleaning.

  4. I am so very proud of you! You are truly one woman that I look up to. You have a beautiful soul and a strength that very few people have. You are looking fantastic, your children are happy, and the smile on your face looks so genuine! You are very much an inspiration to all moms, and you are right, we are more than just moms. There is a ME in there somewhere, too. I forget that far too often.

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