8 Reasons to Have Your Groceries Delivered #walmarttogo #sp

8 Reasons to Have Your Groceries Delivered #walmarttogo #sp

**Walmart-To-Go paid for a portion of my groceries to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

With three active kids and a full time job, it seems like there isn’t enough time for what has to get done, forget the fun stuff.   One of my goals this year is to carve out more time for those want to‘s, so I’m looking for ways reduce my have to‘s, and find time for the important things.

Walmart recently started offering a new service,  Walmart To Go , that delivers groceries (or anything else from Walmart) to your door for a small delivery fee.  I seriously mean a small fee – it’s only $7 for a 2 hour delivery window or $5 for a 4 hour delivery window.

I went into this review thinking the time savings alone made it worth checking out, but along the way I thought of other reasons why this service is awesome.  In no particular order:

Reasons to Use Walmart To Go

1.  Travel:  I’ve been traveling every other week for the past two months.   Of course I need groceries – milk, produce, etc. – after being gone for a week, but when exactly am I supposed to fit in this trip to the grocery store?  Having groceries scheduled for delivery that first day back?  Lifesaver!

2.  Eat Healthier:  Are you trying to keep certain foods out of your house – chips and cookies perhaps?  It is SO much easier to select just the healthy stuff when you are checking boxes online. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to only find the foods you want and avoid the temptation from others.  

Walmart To Go Produce

3.  Reduces Impulse Buying:  You see something on the shelf that wasn’t on your list but it makes it into your cart anyway.  All of those “I’ll just throw this in too.” purchases add up sometimes to be more than I originally went to the grocery store to get in the first place.

4.  Saves Gas Money:   My truck, the B.A.T.mobile,  is a gas HOG.  The closest Walmart to me is about 6 miles away or 12 miles round trip.  I’ll be generous and assume my truck gets 12 miles per gallon.  One gallon to drive there and back is $3.20.   That is $3.20 saved by staying home.  Knock that off of the delivery fee and delivery fee is only $3.80/$1.80 depending on the option you choose for delivery window.

5.  Find New Foods:  I am always looking for new options for my kids’ snacks and school lunches.  I searched the snack category and found these great apple dippers with peanut butter that I doubt I would have found if I’d gone to the store.  I get focused on what I’m there for or the same aisles I always go to and don’t look for new items to try.

Peanut Chocolate Chip Apples Snack

6. Saves Time:  Unless you know something I haven’t figured out yet, a trip to the grocery store or Walmart takes at least an hour after you factor in travel time to get there and back.  You just bought yourself an extra hour in your day for less than minimum wage!  Granted the first time you order it takes some time to pick out what you want, but then you can save your shopping list and it’s much faster the second time.

7.  Never Forget Your Grocery List:  How many times have you gotten to the store to realize you left your list at home?  Never again.  By creating your list online you can add to it during the week as you think of things.  

8.  Avoid Weather:  It was pretty darn cold and snowy in Denver when I got my delivery.  Not having to go out in the cold?  Awesome!  If you are in the south, snow likely isn’t your issue, but avoiding the rain, heat, mugginess, mosquitoes is probably equally appealing.

Groceries Delivered by Walmart

My Walmart To Go Experience / Review

So what did I think of the service? WELL worth it.  

  • All the items I ordered were delivered right on time for the window I chose.  (Driver did not accept a tip by the way – said “He’s well paid, but thank you.”  
  • The grocery bags were delivered to my door.  The delivery person said they are not allowed to enter the home, so be prepared to carry your groceries to your kitchen from the door.  For most of us this is a no big deal, but I wanted to mention it for house bound or disabled persons. 
  • Walmart substituted one of my items – my diet peach Snapple.  I ordered a 64oz bottle for $1.99.  They charged me $1.99 but instead gave me a 6 pack which had 96oz and normally retails at $4.99.  Score!!

Diet Peach Snapple

  • Plan on placing your order at least a day before you want it delivered.  Two days before and you’ll have almost any delivery time you want available.   
  • There were a couple of produce items that were fine, but not fabulous.  I am fairly particular and make my purchase choices after seeing what’s available.  I probably wouldn’t have gotten kiwi had I seen they were on the smallish side or the bagged broccoli if I’d been perusing at the store, but all in all the convenience and service more than made up for this slight disappointment.
  • They do not accept coupons for this service yet, but hope to add that option in the future.

**As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.

4 Responses to 8 Reasons to Have Your Groceries Delivered #walmarttogo #sp

  1. This sounds AWESOME!!! I just returned to work (as a social worker) after a 9 year absence staying home with my kids. Grocery shopping (which I used to do pretty much any time of day I wanted while the kids were in school) is now a thing of the past. When is this fabulous service rolling out to all areas??? :0)

  2. I probably wouldn’t order produce at all. I am picky too, and wouldn’t want them to send me all of their old stuff, which sounds like what would happen. It would be good for disabled and shut- in people, but I am neither of those, so I will find the time to go grocery shopping for my family.

    • It’s overall a really great service and one I’m going to take advantage of again. I’ll likely choose to buy my produce myself and meats at Sprouts, but cutting down all the other more time consuming aisles will help my time management immensely given my recent travel schedule. I’m ordering my second delivery this week, so will let you know if my impression changes but for the most part I was pretty impressed.

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