GREAT CAUSE ALERT!  Every Step of the Way #everystep @citieverystep

GREAT CAUSE ALERT! Every Step of the Way #everystep @citieverystep

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I watch the Olympics I am always amazed and awed by the dedication and drive the athletes demonstrate in their quests to become the best of the best.  Olympic athletes are powerful – both physically and as inspirations too.  

I watch my kids’ eyes gleam as they see the amazing feats of strength, skill, and courage.  I hear their whispers in the night of “Do you think I could be in the Olympics one day?”  

Do you ever wonder how they got to the point of thinking – “Yes, I can DO this.  I’m going for it!”

 How many of us are inspired to try a little harder, push a little further, and lean in a little bit more after watching the Olympic athletes perform?

I doubt they think of themselves this way, but each and every Olympic athlete is powerful and not just in the physical.


Take that drive, that courage, that indomitable will that says “Yes, I CAN do this.” and then take away an arm or a leg or more.  How do they find the willpower and internal courage?

I’m awed and humbled.  These Paralympic athletes not only compete, but AMAZE.  

For me the inspiration and awe increases 10 fold. 

This is Rico Roman’s story.  

He’s the first US War Veteran to join the men’s paraolympic sled hockey team after losing his leg due to a roadside bomb in Iraq.  ‘

He not only joined the team but helped Team USA bring home the GOLD!  

Rico Roman is partnering with Operation Comfort and Citi®’s Every Step of the Way program to get other injured US Veterans involved in sled hockey by providing the funding, support and equipment they need to get involved.  

Rico shares how Operation Comfort was an amazing support for him as he recovered and he’d like to have other veterans able to benefit like he did.  

How can you help?  Help Citi® choose how to award the $500,000 donation between each athlete’s charity of choice by going to Citi®’s Every Step of the Way

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