Intentional Living 2014 – April “Goals” Check In

Intentional Living 2014 – April “Goals” Check In

The first quarter of 2014 has already flown by.  Can you believe it?  

Theoretically we should be 1/4 of the way through our goals for the year.  The YEAR!  I know for sure I’m not there on some of them (weight loss), and yet on others I think I’m on track.  

So let’s see how I’m doing shall we? 

Fitness and Weight Loss

Those lofty Fitness & Health goals I set way back when  are going so-so. 

Weight – I’m almost at my heaviest weight of all time, not quite there, but close.  Much too close for comfort.  So, I have decided I’m not drinking any alcohol in April and am going to eat minimal carbs and see what impact that will have over the next 3 weeks. 

Fitness – I am all signed up for my first 5K of the year – the Frank Shorter Race for Kids.  It’s next Sunday, 4/13/2014.  My goal is to complete it under 48 minutes.

Strength – I am doing the April plank challenge via Fitfluential.  So far I’ve done it every day and have gone from 42 seconds to 80 seconds (this morning).  My goal is 180 seconds by the end of the month.   (If you post a picture of yourself planking and tag with #ffAprilAbs you’ll be entered to win a set of speakers from Puma.)

plank challenge fitfluential
Looks easy, but it’s HARD!

Yoga lasted approximately 1 week and I haven’t done a single strength building DVD or other activity (other than this recent plank challenge).  So all in all I’d say I’m 50/50 for my progress on this goal.

Organizing My Home

My focus right now is finishing my entertainment area in my living room.  It’s the largest unfinished piece in my house and I see it every single day.  It’s like this on both sides of the fireplace…

unfinished entertainment center

Last night I finally ordered a door so I can see if I like the construction and colors, etc.  IF I like it, then I’ll be making custom cabinet frames and using 6 doors along with trim I’m going to order online.  If not, back to square one I guess.

So far I HAVE installed shelves on both sides of the fireplace which is a huge first step.  

entertainment area shelves

Other odds and ends I’ve finished that were hanging around niggling the back of my mind? 

  • Grouted the fireplace in my room.
  • Glued the banister back together.
  • Taped the dryer duct.
  • Hung a shelf.

Plans for April include tackling:

  • My pantry.
  • Dish cabinets (need sorting and reorganizing).
  • Spice cabinet
  • Having carpets cleaned.
  • Calling furnace guy.


HUGE progress here.  I paid off my credit card debt!  That was hanging over my head for the past year and I hated it.  Yes it was the right decision to acquire the debt (due to the divorce), but I hate, hate, hate having credit card debt and am extremely relieved to have that gone.  

I have not done well with creating a budget – that’s a goal for April.

I HAVE been tracking my net worth each month though which is making me focus on long range and short range goals.  It’s been enlightening and motivating me to manage my savings more actively.


Meh, not a lot to report. 


Things are going pretty well.  My kids really liked the Monopoly Junior we tried out – enough that we’ve played it a half dozen times at least.  My 6 year old asks anyone that comes over to play with her and then gets so cute telling them how to play. 

We have not been consistent with the family game night, but we have done it a TON more than before I set the goal.  So, I’m considering it a win and hoping to be more consistent moving forward. 

We had fun over Spring Break, fed the giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and hiked in Garden of the Gods among other day to day things. 

cheyenne mountain zoo

I’ve also committed to a summer vacation – taking the kids to the beach and Disney World.  Yay!  Vacations are when memories are made so it’s time to start taking them again.

garden of the gods hike

Foods We Eat

I’ve tried a few new things that have been hits.  Have you tried the Thai Peanut Chicken Recipe for the Crock Pot I posted?  It is delicious.  Seriously good.  And one my kids ask for weekly.  I’m still searching for more vegetables for our rotation though.  If you have a go-to vegetable recipe, please share!

For fun I bought a coconut.  My kids have never had a fresh coconut before so we had fun drilling the holes and drinking the milk out.  Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive to create memories :). 

Drinking fresh coconut milk
3 straws: 3 kids = perfect!

Self Improvement

Meh, nothing much to report.   Although I have found some adorable crochet and knit project ideas and patterns I keep pinning for that some day when I learn. 

How was YOUR month? 

4 Responses to Intentional Living 2014 – April “Goals” Check In

  1. Congrats on the finance part — that’s HUGE! Proud of you.

    Love that pic of your family at Garden of the Gods.

    OK, if I can remember later I’m gonna send a plank pic. I have no idea how long I can go…

  2. You sound like you are kicking major butt in life. I hope you find something for you soon. I mean planking for 80 seconds is rad but does it fill your soul? I will be doing to Cheyenne Mtn Zoo for the first time next month and loved your pics for inspiration.

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