First 5K Done! Want To Know If I Beat My Time?

First 5K Done! Want To Know If I Beat My Time?

Last Sunday I completed my first 5K of the year.   I’ve been training – sort of – with the couch to 5K running program.  But I hadn’t made it to the end yet, so knew I’d be walking a good portion of the race. 

Frank Shorter 5K
A little soggy from the run

My goal was to finish under 45 minutes, the time from my last 5K.    I was worried because I’d been taking about 50 minutes during the week.  

I’d gotten to the point of talking myself into being ok with just finishing under an hour for this first race of  the year.  

Just do it! Don’t worry about times, just do the best you can.  Every mile you run is a mile more than if you’d stayed home, so just do it. 

The day was cold and sleeting and my kids whined and complained about having to get up early to go to the race with me, but I set my alarm and we soldiered on.  

My neighbor and friend ran it with me.  Having a running partner was a HUGE help.  She encouraged me to push just a little further during each jogging segment – just to the stop sign then we can walk or to the tree, or whatever.   

And we did it!  Hats, gloves, two layers of everything later and we crossed the finish line to the grinning faces of my kids cheering wildly. 

Frank Shorter 5K Race

And guess what?!  I beat my time!  

I averaged 13 minute miles (fast for me) and completed it in 42’51”.  

The best part?  All 3 of my kids asked if they could run the next one with me.  

Parenting WIN!  

My kids are excited and motivated because of something I did.   I’m stopping a minute to soak that in.

Running isn’t something that comes easily to me, but knowing that my kids are watching me work hard for this, push myself even when I’d rather lay on the couch, and are excited to support me and even join me?  HUGE.  

My goal is to do 6 5Ks this year.   One down, 5 more to go.  

I’m scouting out the next races trying to find ones that will be fun for the kids.  I’m pretty set on the Color Run and maybe the Blacklight Run and perhaps a mud run in there too?  

Have you found a sport or exercise that you can do as a family?  What is it? 


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  1. Congrats, Daria! You have had a good year so far!! Those 5k’s are such a great family event. There is such great energy, a carnival-like atmosphere, the kids dig it, a fun, healthy activity for everyone to do together! Keep up the good work!! B

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