5 Things You DO NOT Want to Hear from your Housesitter

5 Things You DO NOT Want to Hear from your Housesitter

As those of you that follow on Facebook and Instagram know, I recently returned from a two week vacation in Florida.  It was fabulous!  And I promise posts with more details (and photos) are coming soon.   

beach vacation travel

But while I’m editing pics and making sure to include all the really good parts while leaving out the long-winded epic novels about the ridges on shells and glitter on water, I thought I’d share a few things that I may or may not have actually heard from my house sitter.  Things a person 1,000 miles away does NOT want to hear…

5 Things You DO NOT Want Your Housesitter to Say

So, wait – you have a CAT? 

Um, yeah, remember I showed you where her food bowl was?   PLEASE TELL ME WE STILL HAVE A CAT!!!

cat cuddles

It may have been a close call though.  Do you see her teeth marks on what was an unopened bag of cat food? 

cat food bad house sitter

Did you know you have TWO hamsters?  Just found the 2nd one today. 

Really?  So was he still alive?  I mean since you apparently haven’t been feeding him for the past 10 days and all. 

Yeah everything’s fine.  At least it was last Saturday when I was there last.

But I paid you to be there through Thursday. Who the heck was taking care of things since Saturday? 

Did you know there’s a leak in your roof that’s coming through the kitchen ceiling? 

Ok, that wasn’t one I actually heard, but rather discovered upon our return home.  Thankfully the quote for the roof fix is relatively small (<$300).  

roof leak

Oh, you meant I was supposed to take the trash OUT of the house?  Not leave food to rot in the kitchen? 

Again, discovered upon our return home.  Wow, was it stinky!

Didn’t you have a lizard?  I can’t seem to find him. 

Huh, just noticing that now?  It’s Day 10!  No worries, my son asked his Dad to watch his bearded dragon because he “just didn’t feel right” about leaving him to be cared for by the housesitter.  Smart boy. 

So, anyone know a good housesitter? :) 

What’s the worst thing that you came home to after a vacation?  

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